Niihwa XYZ | Rise again after Sign Here

Niihwa XYZ. The track was released 3 years ago but it become viral again after NIihwa perform in the 1st round of AOMG Sign Here.

Niihwa XYZ

Niihwa is actually not a new singer. Even before debut, Niihwa already work singing the guide version for artists such as Dok2 & Bumkey. Niihwa can rap & sing as good as anyone, officially debut in 2014, he show variety type of music, whether it’s hip hop or R&B. Niihwa this year join AOMG Sign Here, showcase his skill to the nationwide audience.


Niihwa XYZ

“Sp What you ganna do Baby right now yeah” What you ganna do Baby right now yeah I love you girl yeah ~Niihwa high notes were really exquisite, especially when Niihwa sing it live. XYZ is a name of a cocktail that inspired Niihwa to make the song with the same titl, a light alcohol drink that just like Niihwa song, can change the mood of the night. TMI: This track actually released 3 years ago on 2016!



Niihwa goes as far as Top 9 in AOMG Sign Here. He’s have a lot of great moment in the program, my personal favorite is the duet with Maddox, perform the song ‘Passport’ together.

Niihwa x Maddox ‘PassPort

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What do you think of Niihwa XYZ ? Does the music taste suit your style?


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