Mic Swagger BPM | Find talented Beatmaker & producer

Nuol not only create original Mic Swagger where rapper perform in ‘Cypher’ type situation. There’s also platform for beatmaker & producer : Mic Swagger BPM

Mic Swagger BPM

Mic Swagger BPM is a program to find talented beatmaker. The process is by making a challenge to producer/beatmaker to make a beat/music for rapper that first did acapella. There’s still many talented beatmaker & Producer who still unknown to the public yet there’s not any big competition program for beatmaker.


Mic Swagger Ep 5 Hash Swan acapella

One of the example of the competition is Hash Swan acapella verse. This is the 5th edition of challenge that Mic Swagger BPM release. What type of beat do you think suit Hash Swan voice & style of rap??



After then the rapper choose beat that suit them the most. Here’s a finish track of Flowsik acapella that produced by producer/beatmaker Jay dope. There’s already 10 beatmaker / producer who got the chance to collaborate with a great rapper indirectly. Who’s next?

Flowsik Mic Swagger BPM ep 7. Winner : producer Jaydope

Mic Swagger BPM list

  1. Ja mezz x Producer Woncha
  2. Basick x Producer Chilloven
  3. Ignito x Producer Yezan
  4. Huckleberry P x Producer Optical Eyez
  5. Hash Swan x Producer Daminy
  6. San E x Producer bbu
  7. Flowsik x Producer Jaydope
  8. Dbo x Producer Daimon
  9. Takeone & Lil boi x producer Keymaker
  10. Jeebanoff x Producer RoseInPeace
  11. Coogie x Producer ??

You can check out all episode on Mic Swagger playlist

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What do you think about Mic Swagger BPM ?? Make sure to keep an eye for more talented beatmaker in the KHH/KRNB Scene!