Lee Bada Profile | Get to Know the Uprising RnB Artist

Lee Bada is one of the uprising RnB artists this year! Recently work with Groovyroom & Penomeco, Lee Bada wants something more until the end of 2019. Lets Check out Lee Bada Profile

Lee Bada profile

During the past month, she had won stage & Flo project by Dingo to collaborate with GroovyRoom and Penomeco. She also invited as one of the performers on SM Entertainment mini festival “CON Seoul 2019” on October 2nd, 2019. Here’s Lee Bada profile

Lee bada Profile

Name            : Lee Bada
Nickname      : Ocean
Birthdate       : October 29th, 1992
Alma mater   : Howon University
Major            : Practical Music (Vocal)
Label             :
Independent  (May, 2015 – 2016)
Neuron Music (September, 2016 -2nd half 2017)
NUPLAY         (May, 2018 – now)
Debut           : May 4th, 2015 (You Got Me)
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 Start in Music Industry

Lee Bada was a composer before decided to be a recording artist, which amazes Hwimin because usually it was a hard decision to be made (composer tends to stay as it is to continue music career).

When Lee Bada told about herself, she said, “I am not a woman who behave as the world wants. A flower that can be done does not pay off.” Then, she showed her tattoo which indicates her life as an artist.




Dingo Freestyle Killing Voice

Recently, Dingo released the medley of Lee Bada’s song. The writer (me) also feel surprised that Lee Bada has many good songs. You can see some of them through this following video.

Tracklist :

00:08  Drug
01:01  빨간꽃
01:45  ㅎㅇ
04:22  1,2,3,4,5
04:57  그녀의밤
05:54  파란꽃
06:41  수채화
07:25  야몽음인



Stage and Flo: Noticed Through “Ocean” Series, Complimented by Korean Producers

Lee Bada got noticed by public and producers through her Ocean series. Lee Bada decided to made the Ocean series because her name means “The Sea or The Ocean.”

GroovyRoom’s Gyujeong said his favorite track by Lee Bada was Night Dream (야몽음인 (夜夢陰人)). Check out the video above

OST Releases

Lee Bada has released 6 songs for drama. There are OSTs of KBS hit drama “The Black Knight”, OCN “Mistress”, MBC “Risky Romance”, MBC “Children of Nobody”, OCN “Possessed”, and SBS “Big Issue”



Cover Popular Songs


Deep Purple Stage with SOWALL and XXX


Future Hope

Even though her name is rising after 4 years (debut), the fans told Lee Bada to take things easy so they can see Lee Bada progress her career while she enjoying it.

Lee Bada really loves RnB. “I want to cut the image that RnB artists have. RnB is the genre I can be proud of. I cannot write anywhere like a wave. Nights without magnificence.” Lee Bada states she is still lacking of many skills for now. “In music, I still have too much to do.”



So far this is Lee Bada profile, we gonna update when there’s new info about Lee bada. Hope we can see more activities on her future endeavors!


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