Sleepy Trouble feat Bang Yongguk | Start PVO

Sleepy Trouble feat Bang Yongguk. Sleepy release new single that actually also a diss track towards former company.

Sleepy Trouble

Sleepy become headline in South Korea news article last month, because of ongoing dispute with former company TS Entertainment. Now Sleepy have his own company PVO entertainment. PVO means Positive vibes only, starting as a crew last year and now become a company under Sleepy as CEO.


Sleepy Trouble feat Bang Yongguk MV Preview

“Truth prevail”Sleepy track trouble not only a new single but also a diss track towards former company TS entertainment. Here’s the lyrics “Yo! TS Rest in peace, only the conman there, exploiting us, Those who wrong will be punished for sure” .¬†Sleepy best friend Bangyongguk also participate in the track, recorded before Bang Yongguk went to serve his mandatory military service.



Sleepy also gonna start own activities with fellow PVO entertainment artist despite ongoing lawsuit by TS entertainment. So far PVO member include  JD, Gabriel & Liquor. We wish Sleepy & PVO all the best wishes on the new journey!

Sleepy ‘Trouble’ feat Liquor & JD

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