Sandy Dolmeng ee | Debut track of Sandy from HSR

Sandy Dolmeng ee. A new track of Sandy that have been haivng a busy life since appear on the latest season of School rapper 3!

Sandy Dolmeng

“Hi i’m Sandy from All I know“. Ha Seonho (Sandy real name) start getting known by the public after use that verse on School rapper 2 last year. Since then Sandy already part ways with All I Know Music, join YGX for a shortwhile, and now become a self independent artist. This year Sandy also join again on School rapper 3, before now debut officially with the track Dolmeng-ee.


Sandy dolmeng-ee Music Video

Dolmeng-ee is produced by producer On fleek who also produce track for Fellow School rapper 3 contestant GI$T. The track is a start of Sandy journey as an artist & musician. Sandy now is still an active high schooler who manage both school life & life as a musician. She’s really busy but look out for more of Sandy music in the future!



Sandy not only busy perform in events/concert & working on new music. She also start a vlog! Here’s Sandy introduce her baby kitten Munji. Check out her youtube channel because Sandy often post new vlog entry to the channel.

Sandy Vlog

Sandy ‘Im FIne‘ feat pH-1

Make sure to follow Sandy on Instagram :@Sandybeach0205 . Don’t miss out on Sandy updates !

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What do you think of Sandy Dolmeng-ee debut track ? Does the music style suit your taste ??


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