Munchman DDK | Going Viral after SMTM 8

Ddak Ddak hae, Ddak ddak hae! Thats the hook of Munchman DDK. Once eliminated in SMTM 8, now become a viral sensation.

Munchman DDK

So who is Munchman?? Munchman is a member of MBA (Most badass asian) crew. This year, Munchman¬† join Show Me the Money Season 8, do you spot Munchman in the program?? Munchman¬† only appear for a brief second when he took of his clothes and rap the song ‘DDK’ in front of SMTM 8 producer Boycold.


Munchman DDK MV preview

Ddak Ddak hae, Ddak ddak hae! The song is actually Munchman verse on 1st round acapella round in SMTM 8. It’s going viral thanks to a youtuber that make a mashup version of eliminated SMTM 8 contestant verse in the 1st round. Now Munchman keep getting recognition by joining Signhere, become one contestant that joined both survival program (SMTM & Sign Here).



Not only the original versionb, Munchman also release a remix version feature Don Mills, Tommy Strate & B-free which do their take on a catchy 27corazones beat. Check out this version aswell

Munchman DDK Remix

Youtube Mashup of 1st round contestant

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