Baechigi Be Happy | New single legendary duo

Baechigi Be Happy. Mu woong & Tak is back! The duo have been start to become active again in 2019, release back to back single each month.

Baechigi Be Happy

Baechigi is a hip hop duo that already been on the scene since 2 decade ago. Starting out early on 1999, Baechigi already have more than 100 songs released, some of them were hit songs that top music charts. Baechigi start again their activity in 2019 with back to back single, the latest one titled ‘Be Happy’.


Baechigi Be Happy Audio

Produced by Boombastic, the song have jazz vibes from the intro that combined with fast rap of both Baechigi member. This style reminds me a lot of rapper in the early 2010’s who rapping over this type of beats. Just a reminder, Let’s be happy and you can express yourselves however you want!



Baechigi have a lot of hit songs in their career. Check out DF Mixtape with Baechigi that include lot of their hit songsĀ  Including Shower of tears with Ailee.

Baechigi DF Mixtape.

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What do you think of Baechigi Be happy ? Does the music style suit your taste ??


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