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Xydo Spotlight. With a bigger spotlight Xydo deliver, keep delivering music. In a span of 2 month Xydo already participate in 8 track, including the latest one Spotlight.

Xydo Spotlight

Xydo already release 4 single in span of 2 months, release new song every 2 week. While also feature in other artist track such as Ravi, Nunsseop, & Wasp. It’s not over yet because Xydo still have projects coming up with fellow Groovlin member titled BANDI & LUNI’S. TMI : Xydo name is pronounced Shido just like the hangul for it 시도.


Xydo Spotlight

Xydo spotlight co produced by fellow Poisonholyc crew member Napier and co written by Feelghood Music MRSHLL. Xydo seems to solidify himself as a singer (Because he can do rap & vocal!) with this track Spotlight.The description of the track is “At the end of this dark road, Now shines for me”

Just like Xydo Spotlight lyrics :

No need to hide me anymore
I don’t gotta prove 
nothing to you Ya know
Wired now to stand up for my dreams
Here and now, it’s my turn in the light



Xydo also sometimes did a song cover, here’s the recent one where Xydo cover Crush hit track ‘Nappa’

Xydo cover ‘Nappa’ (Original Crush)

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What do you think of Xydo spotlight ? Does Xydo music taste suit your style?