Dope Doug Fallin Music Video | Signhere Contestant

Dope Doug Fallin Music video is out! After more than a year since release Starchild EP. Dope Doug release the music video for title track Fallin’.

Dope Doug Fallin

AOMG Sign Here introduce us to many talented contestant, including Dope Doug! Dope Doug journey maybe ended too early in Signhere, but Dope doug keep moving forward by releasing Music video for Fallin’, title track of Starchild Album. TMI : Dope Doug is also a childhood friend with rapper Hanhae, they collaborate together in a track titled ‘Clip Clop’.


Dope Doug Starchild Album Tracklist

  • Alive
  • Star Rain
  • Fast Car Duh Malini & owen Ovadoz
  • Rodeo Star
  • Fallin
  • White house
  • Go! feat Young West
  • Let u Go feat Hanhae
  • No More
  • Meteor
  • The reason feat Webster B

Dope Doug Fallin Music Video

Released back in 2018, Starchild is an album with 11 tracks inside. Fallin is produced by Louis Maui who also participate in AOMG Sign Here as a special collaboration producer. Make sure to listen to other track of Dope Doug Starchipd EP after watching the Music Video for Fallin’.



Signhere also give significant Airtime to Dope Doug. He appear two times on the 2nd round with Choi Seohyun & 3rd round producer team battle as a part of team Woo wonjae.

Dope Doug x Choi Seohyun AOMG Sign Here

Bonus : Dope Doug featured in Hanhae Clip Clop

Make sure to follow Dope Doug on Instagram : @Dope_doug051 . Don’t miss out on Dope Doug updates.


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