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Don call me, cash only~” 2019 is the year of Yumdda, he have one of the most resurgence of any veteran rapper in the industry. Lets check out Yumdda profile.

Yumdda profile

Yumdda debut

Yumdda start his career on 2006 with Where’s my Radio Ep. Yumdda debut didnt do really well Despite features powerhouse duo in 2000’s, P&Q (Paloalto & The Quiett). Yumdda have a style of singing rap thats not popular yet back in 2000’s.


Yumdda hit the jackpot when appear on Infinite challenge special episode ep 149 the search of Dol+i, in that program Yumdda got a lot of airtime and make a funny song about Infinite challenge. The success appearance led to Yumdda being chosen as MTV Most Wanted VJ alongside Heyne.

Yumdda Infinite Challenge

Bonus : Yumdda as MTV Most Wanted VJ

As VJ of MTV most wanted, Yumdda have been interviewing artist from fellow hip hop, indie and also idol groups. Yumdda is everyone best friend, he’s close with Jay Park, Changmo, Giriboy, The quiett, Simon Dominic &, the list gonna goes on and on because Yumdda is everyone friend.



2019 have been a year of Resurgence for Yummda. Start with the new persona of ‘Old Man who loves money & Flex’ yumdda have been getting so much recognition, attention & love from lots of people. It’s rare to see rapper in their 30’s to have a new persona (and successful) but Yumdda did it!

Yumdda Flex

Music wise, Yumdda also have been having time of his life in 2019. Joined GRAY 119 remix, UV Cypher 4, release ‘Breathe 2′ album & last but not least release the hit track ‘Don Call Me’. The latter one is a viral sensation and become one of the most popular hip hop song of 2019.

Yumdda don call me prod by BRLLNT , collab with Dingo freestyle

Bonus : Song Chiuk cover Yumdda don call me.

Yumdda also been a sucessful businessman. Beside always have content for Youtube & Instagram, Yumdda have been selling his own ‘FLEX’ Merchandise. In 3 days Yumdda sold 900 Million Won (750k) usd worth of FLEX Merchandise.



Yumdda profile is not only about FLEX, a terms that more often than not use it negatively. But Yumdda also giving back to community by helping his junior, As a radio host of Now radio, Yumdda gave money to Slick O’domar who currently did crowdfunding for his upcoming album.


Yumdda fanmeeting

Yumdda currently active as youtuber, radio host & musician. The latest one where Yumdda really active recently, especially as featuring & Collaboration. He just did a collaboration mini album with Changmo!

Yummda featured in ZIco ‘Daredevil

What do you think about Yumdda ? We still gonna update Yumdda profile in the future~

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