Gilme Wheel of Fortune | Back After 4 Years

Gilme Wheel of Fortune is R&B Single album. Wait, Gilme from Unpretty rapstar?? Isn’t Gilme a rapper??

Gilme wheel of fortune

Gilme is not only the rapper that comes out on Unpretty Rapstar season 2, she’s already try different kinds of genre in the span of 10 years career. Debut as ballad singer in 2009, Gilme now back with R&B single album after 4 years of not release her own music. TMI : Gilme is also a part of hiphop group Clover with Eun jiwon!


Gilme Bad Guy Music Video

Gilme decide to use retro vibes for this track. Contrary to trendy music with electronic sounds Gilme use 90’s R&B type of beat that showcase the voice & story of Gilme. Bad guy share the pain of parting with loved one & sadness that comes with it.



Beside show her rap ability on Unpretty rapstar, Gilme also show her vocal iin another program : King of mask singer. GIlme actually going as far as the final back in 2017.

Gilme King of Mask singer

Bonus : Gilme unpretty rapstar

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What do you think of Gilme Wheel of fortune ? Does the music style suit your taste ?