Vince mennal feat Okasian | Was producer Joe rhee

Vince Mennal debut! Who is Vince?? Vince actually the new stage name of producer Joe Rhee from The Black Label. Now transform into a singer.

Vince Mennal

More familiar with the name Joe Rhee, the producer from Black Label already produce track for l artist such as GD, iKON, Anda, Taeyang, Sunmi, Zion T, Winner & Many more. Now Joe rhee transform into a singer. gonna use the name Vince in the future.  Here’s the debut track Vince Mennal that feature Okasian.


Vince Mennal feat Okasian Music video

Produced by himself, Mennal is a R&B song in a trap beat. feature fellow The Black Label artist Okasian. Do you spot someone familiar in the Music Video ? Yup! The Music video of Mennal feature Vince friends that include The Black Label artist, YGK Model, & more. Psst, even CL were supposed to be in the Music video but didnt make the final Cut.



Producer turn into singer-songwriter-producer is not a rare case nowadays. Mokyo (Used to be producer Thurxday) of H1GHRMUSIC is one of the case where producer can transition into their singer smoothly. Looking at Vince debut track Mennal, i think its safe to say that the transition is a success.

Sunmi ‘Gashina’ co written, compose & produced by Joe Rhee

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