Untell ShinYujinssi | Do you still wanna lie EP

Untell ShinYujinssi duo EP. Untell & Shin Yujin have been working as a duo, now release an EP together. Do you still wanna lie ?

Untell Shinyujinssi

Untell have been joining multiple competition including School Rapper 3 & SMTM 8 recently. Shinyujinssi in other hand have been struggling to get to any of those survival program despite (mostly) have major support (likes & views) on every audition program. This time they gonna tell a story of their youth through the EP.


Untell Shinyujinssi do you still wanna lie EP Tracklist

  • Self Esteem
  • Hide the Emotion
  • Aftermath
  • Look at the sky
  • Aprooval
  • Do you still wanna lie ?

Untell & Shin yujin still young yet they already exprience lots of stuff growing up in korean hip hop scene. This EP is the story of their young growth. This Ep won’t be the last time that Untel Shinyujinssi work as a duo.

Untell Shinyujinssi Do you still wanna lie ?

With the same title as the EP Do you still wanna Lie?? Untell & Shin yujin share their honest feeling in the track produced by producer Clay. They been working on this track for 3 months, which is why the track have depth and many component involved in the music & arrangement.



Untell & Shinyujinssi actually already pre release the track ‘Hide your feelings’. Produced by Coawhite (with theĀ  signature sound kuci kuci),theres a fun story behind this track : Shinyujinssi actually made the lyrics for untell who having a hard time in the past. They such a great friend.

Untell Shinyujinssi hide your feelings

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