AOMG Sign Here Ep 7 | Contestant Producer Collab

AOMG Sign Here Ep 7 still have more contestant left to perform with their producer & featuring artist.

Maddox x DJ Wegun feat Hoody

Maddox have one of the best voice in the program. Now DJ Wegun will be the one creating the beat for Maddox. DJ Wegun R&B beat. What if we add one of AOMG best vocalist Hoody?? Yup That just happen! I got no idea why the fan score is low for Maddox and so does the producer.


Choi Seohyun x Way Ched feat Leellamarz & Myundo

We learn something new about producer Way Ched of Ambition Musik, he’s a perfectionist in terms of music. Way Ched keep asking Choi Seohyun to repeat the recording until its perfect, just to be unlucky when Way Ched Computer got an BSOD error. THeir stage is still marvelous though, with the featuring of Leellamarz & Myundo it becomes B.A.D x Ambition musik concert.



Part Time cooks x Peejay feat Jinbo

Just like Simon Dominic said, Peejay is one of the top producer in South korea music industry. Peejay already have more than 150 tracks produced, including for Zion T, Beenzino, Hoody, Big Bang & many more. Now it’s time for Part time cooks! PTC got support from their VMC Boss deepflow, also by Jinbo who feature in the track.


Sogumm x Toil feat pH-1

Producer Toil from wayside town is the last to produce track for Ash Island hit track ‘Paranoid’ & Bloo ‘Boyfromthemoon’. Now Toil gonna produce track for Sogumm that have one of the unique voice in Krnb music scene. Toil as usual use guitar as the base of the song, with the feature oh pH-1 Sogumm got the best score in the round.



Final Score

AOMG Sign Here Ep 7

  1. sogumm 358
  2. Meloh 336
  3. Osamari 334
  4. Part TIme cooks 325
  5. ??
  6. ??
  7. ??
  8. Ryno (Eliminated)
  9. Nihwa (Pass)

There still 1 more contestant to be eliminated. It’s between MBA, Maddox & Choi Seohyun. Revealed on Next episode.


There’s not yet AOMG Sign Here ep 7 English subs. You can watch the raw episode HERE



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