Zion T Colde collaboration | Hangout with Yoo Ep 12

Zion T Colde collab ?? Yes! Thanks to Yoo Jaesuk new program Hangout with yoo where they gonna make R&B version of the song.

Zion T Colde

Project Yooplash continue. This project is continuation of Yoo Jaesuk drumming lesson. Musician will add their own music/voice and relay it to other musician until it become complete song. After adding lyricist Kim Eana to the lineup. now it’s Zion T Colde turn to lend their musicality & voice for this project.


Previous episode so far

  • Yoo Jaesuk (Drum)
  • Yoo heeyeol (piano)
  • Lee Yoon Sang (Bass)
  • Lee Sang soon (acoustic guitar)
  • Kim Eana (Lyricist)



Colde & DJ/Producer Stally have a task to arrange, composed & produce the track so it become R&B version. Colde show his sense of music, put his flair to the song which already sounds good with the instrument. Not only lending his musical sense, Colde also lend his voice for the chorus.

Colde join Yuplash.

Zion T join up.

Unexpectedly, Lyricist Kim Eana have another ace up on the sleeves. It’s none other the digital monster Zion T! Zion T also participate in the hidden track project, i dont think i need to explain anything about Zion T anymore right? Zion T Colde collaboration here we go!


There’s one more special guest for this collaboration. It’s The Black Label Jeon Somi!! Zion T invite Somi to help singing the hook & chorus of the song. Zion T is strict though, just like what we saw in Infinite Challenge, Zion T still only accept perfection.

Somi as Surprise guest

Zion T colde performance

Make sure to follow Colde Zion T on instagram :@wavycolde ;@ziont . If you want to watch Hangout with Yoo Ep 12 English subs you can watch it HERE.



What do you think of Colde Zion T Collaboration ?? Excited ??