Xitsuh King of Mask singer ep 223 | Not expected

Xitsuh King of Mask Singer ep 223. Recently theres many rapper that join the program and show their vocal, but i never expect the freestyle rapper Seo Chulgoo!

Xitsuh King of Mask Singer

Xitsuh on King of mask singer?? No one really expect Xitsuh who have been on a long hiatus to comeback in music industry through King of Mask Singer. The reason of Xitsuh join the program is not to promote new album in October but to fight his insecurities that most likely the reason for his long hiatus.


Xitsuh ‘Spring Breeze’ (Original Wannaone)

Despite only having 9 votes against 90 votes for the other contestant. Xitsuh show vocal that no one in the panelist ever expect, maybe a sign for Xitsuh new album ?? We need to wait a few more weeks for Xitsuh that plan to release new album in October.



The reason of Xitsuh King of Mask Singer appearance is because XItsuh try to fight his insecurities. He always scared to show the negative side of himself to people, often decide to hide it that lead to Anxiety. Through King of Masked singer, Xitsuh challenge one the thing he scared of, Singing. .

Reveal : Cover ‘Stalker’ by 10 CM

Bonus : XItsuh dance to A Pink ‘Nonono

In a segment where King of Mask singer contestant show their talent. Xitsuh decide to do something unexpected. dance to Apink hit song ‘Nonono’.


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