Paul Kim Maum | 1st Part Already Top Music Charts

Paul Kim Maum Album is the latest project by the hit singer. The album gonna be separated into two EP, the first one just released and it already top music charts!

Paul Kim Maum

Paul Kim debut in 2014 and have been a digital monster ever since. Whether it’s Drama OST or his own track, Paul Kim name gonna become the first name we see when we open South Korea music sites (melon, Bugs, genie, etc). It’s no different today because Paul Kim once again have a song that top the music charts.


Paul Kim Maum Part 1 tracklist

  • New Day
  • Begin Again
  • Empty
  • Young Selfish
  • Dear Me

Paul Kim Empty Music Video.

Maum (Maeum / 마음) means heart/feelings, Paul Kim have been thinking of using this theme for a long time and finally got the answer. The title song Empty is top music charts as i write this article. Other songs from the 1st part of Maum album also goes into top 50 of music charts, make sure to listen to it aswell~



Paul Kim Empty top Music charts

Paul Kim Maum


We probably gonna see Paul Kim name in Music charts soon enough. How come ? Because recently Paul Kim join Yoo Jaesuk program in MBC ‘How do You play / Hangout with yoo‘. Paul Kim gonna collaborate with Heize, Peakboy & Sunwoo JungA. That’s a recipe for another digimon (means digital monster, a nickname given to artist who top digital music charts).

Paul Kim Heize Peakboy Sunwoo Jungah teaser

Make sure to follow Paul Kim on Instagram : @Pkalbum . Don’t miss out Paul Kim future music activities



Listen & Purchase to Paul Kim Maum part 1  on Apple Music, Melon, Genie & Bugs


What do you think of Paul Kim Maum album part 1 ?? Which track is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below !


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