MIA not A fairytale | First part of a Trilogy

MIA have a new project! Mia Not a fairytale studio album gonna be released in 3 part, this is the first.

MIA insta Lover

Mia start as a songwriter from Studio blu (Same agency as Heize & Davii) before debut last year on 2018. She appear as one of the contestant in MNET ‘Breakers‘ a program about not yet known singer-songwriter-producer. MIA also show her talent for producing track in the program, that continue because she often self composed and co produce her own tracks.


Mia Not a fairytale tracklist

  • Insta Lover
  • Call me feat Coogie
  • Have a good time

Mia ‘insta Lover’ Music video


Not a fairytale gonna be a studio album with a unique concept, released in 3 parts. The first part contain 3 tracks including title track Insta Lover. The Music video for Insta Lover is quite unique, Mia portray 10 popular Instagram concept, it makes you unconsciously double tap the screen.



Mia also sometimes did a song cover of other artists songs, ranging from fellow korean musician to global musician.

Mia cover ‘UN Village’ (original Baekhyun of EXO)

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This is just first part of Mia not a fairytale album, there’s 2 more to come, can’t wait!


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