Big Naughty H1GHRMUSIC Family | Seo Donghyun SMTM 8

At Offroute Festival today, CEO of H1GHRMUSIC Jay Park announce a new member, it’s the new maknae Big Naughty H1GHRMUSIC !

Big Naughty H1GHRMUSIC

“Big Naughty gonna young and rich flexing~”. Few Month ago a young SMTM 8 contestant name Seo Donghyun with a Tony chopper hat steal the spotlight among many more known rapper in the 1st episode of Show Me The Money 8.


BIg NAughty SMTM 8 ep 1

SInce the first episode, Big Naughty have been showing his charms not only as a rapper but also a singer. It’s not an easy journey though, he could’ve been eliminated in the 3rd round if Giriboy hyung doesnt use a crew pass on him.



In the 4th episode, Big Naughty have a performance alongside Yuja which will be remember in years to come. Even R&B digital monster Crush recognize Big Naughty talent. TMI : In this episode Big Naughty also said he’s a fan of Jay Park.

Big naughty Diss battle vs Lil Tachi

Another best performance from Big Naughty in SMTM 8 is when Diss battle. Against Lil Tachi hyung (Big naughty only 2003 liner) he show that he belong not only alongside school rapper contestant but with any KHH/KRNB musician .



This move actually caught lot of people by surprise because on how close BIg Naughty is with Just Music & Wedaplugg record producer Giriboy. Now Big Naughty is a part of H1GHRMUSIC, can’t wait to hear more Big Naughty new music, a collaboration with Haon hyung perhaps ?

Big Naughty feat Giriboy SMTM 8 Semifinal

Big Naughty announce as the new member of H1GHRMUSIC

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What do you think of Big Naughty H1GHRMUSIC Family ?? Do you thinkt hey suit each other ? Let us know in the comment section below !