AOMG Sign Here Ep 4 | 2 vs 2 Battle continue

AOMG SIgn Here Ep 4 !! Last time we see a snippet of 2 vs 2 team battle. There’s gonna be more talented contestant in this episode !

AOMG SIgn Here Ep 4

Previous episode there’s already a snippet of 2 vs 2 battle. Contestant pairing were pre determined by the judges, they need to perform a performance that will awe not only AOMG judges but also special guest panelist. Will there’s be any contestant who got an all sign this episode ??


AOMG Sign Here special judge/panelist

AOMG SIgnhere EP 4


Special judges list

  • Gummy
  • YDG 
  • The quiett
  • Deepflow
  • Superbee 
  • Uneducated Kid 
  • Dumbfoundead
  • Way Ched 
  • Nucksal

Choi Seohyun / Dooyoung x Dope Doug vs PTC x Sojuboi (Win)

1st Round best contestant Choi Seohyun collaborate with rapper dope doug. Their performance got good reaction from VMC Deepflow & Nucksal who love their chemistry. Choi Seohyun & Dope doug got 11 pass from the judges & panelist.



“Yeah we cooking Soju Baby!” Part time cooks collaborate with Sojuboi, to make Partime soju.  One of the most creative performance of the day, PTC use Saul kid as an intro & Sojuboi use his famous mom call (in the 1st episode) as a part of the performance & chorus. No wonder they got an All Sign from all judges!


Bluewhale x Yella D (Win) vs Cherry Coke & Cloudybay

School rapper 3 contestant Blue whale / Choi Jinho collaborate with talented produced Yella D. The producer offer different type of beats and let Bluewhale choose his favorite beat. They also consult with AOMG Producer GRAY before their performance.


We got a female artists combination!! After the lack of airtime in previous episode, the two anticipated female artist got their chance to impress the judges and they did! Producer Way Ched who rarely gave any pass give them a pass. It’s not enough to beat team Yella D & Bluewhale though..

Bluewhale x YellaD  Score : 180
Cherry coke x CLoudybay Score : 136


Ryno & Meloh  (Win) vs Blacknine x Syn

So the producer make the SMTM 6 veteran Ryno & Blacknine face each other. Not only satisfied with the beat & lyrics, the two of them also practice their performance movement & stage. Ryno & Meloh perform the best performance in this round!! Especially Meloh who steal judges & panelist with his voice and getting an all sign!



Blacknine & Syn also show their chemistry. Blacknine even add acting in the stage that make their stage look like a musical. Syn soulful voice and unexpected strong vocals by Blacknine is a powerful combination, but not powerful enough to beat Ryno & Meloh.

Meloh x Ryno Score : 254
Blacknine x SYn Score : 213



AOMG SIgn Here Ep 4 Personal Ranking | 10 Rapper pass

AOMG SIgn Here Ep 4

  1. Meloh
  2. Part Time Cooks
  3. Ryno
  4. NiiHwa
  5. Sojuboi
  6. Maddox
  7. Yella D
  8. Osamari Crew
  9. Seungrae
  10. Blue Whale


AOMG Sign Here Next episode teaser

Next episode the rapper gonna be separated into five teams with each AOMG producer. Also the special judge / panelist will save 5 rapper from elimination.



You can watch AOMG Sign Here Ep 4 English subs HERE


What do you think of AOMG Sign Here Ep 4 ?? Which performance you love the most ?? Let us know in the comment section below!