GRAY 119 Remix Donation | Fulfill the promise

We bring the fire!! After 10 months, GRAY fulfill his promise to donate all the profit from the GRAY 119 Remix to South Korea Fireman.

GRAY 119 Remix

119 Remix is now an iconic must listen track .Last year GRAY decide to take the original 119 track that released for SMTM 777 cotnestant to another level, feature record breaking 51 rapper that have their own style of rap, lyrics & their own take about 119. There’s also other promise that GRAY just fulfilled, he gonna donate all profits from the track to 119 or in this case Korean

GRAY 119 Remix donation

GRAY 119 remix

Accumulated 25 Million won (approx 21.000 USD) over the last 10 months, GRAY on behalf of all musician participate in the project donate the money to Hanlm Burn foundation. Not only donate Money, AOMG official said in the news that they planning to make more content to support the Firefighter in the future.



GRAY 119 Remix

Keep stream GRAY 119 Remix because all the profits gonna be given to the fire department burn foundation. It’s available on Apple Music, Spotify, Melon, Naver, Bugs & Genie.



119 Remix donation is just one of many act of kindness that korean hip hop artist did. It’s not only dissing & Cussing in the korean hip hop community.


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