Lee Bada High | Collab with Dingo GroovyRoom and Penomeco

Dingo had wrapped up its project that chose one of some potential artists that had to be recognized by the public. Lee Bada High is the result of the project.

Lee Bada High


Dingo and GroovyRoom chose some candidates that they like, then public chose who they want to look after the performance between GroovyRoom and the upcoming artist that had won. Lee Bada is the winner of the FLO Artists Support Program ‘Stage & FLO’. Lee bada responds to the audience by collaborating with producer Groovyroom and rapper Penomeco.

Lee bada ‘High’ MV

The song is titled ㅎㅇ / High. The song was inspired by knowing that it is difficult to feel the other person’s sincerity in communication on SNS. Lee Bada told that on the other hand, we can feel our contradictions that we feel high with such greetings and attention. “I want to see my friends as the real me. Now, I am trying to get acquaintance near me. What people don’t know about me, maybe the fact that I know all the people who listen to my music. I want to be comforted and sorrowful by them.”



GroovyRoom hoped that this single, which presents different colors and emotions than a regular album, would give the listeners a chance to see her next move. Quoted, Lee Bada said, “It has been a while since I have heard the elegant fragrance of this company. Then itching will be a tree artist of history. I am the one who stops as much as a real song. ”

Lee Bada High MV Making Behind the Scene


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