AOMG KTX | Guest on TVN Laborhood on Hire Ep 4

AOMG KTX. What is AOMG artits doing on Korea train express ?? They were working part time for TVN program Laborhood on Hire !


3 AOMG sign Here judges : Simon Dominic, Code Kunst & GRAY is working in KTX (korean Train eXpress) service station, why?? Because the three of them become a guest on Yoo Jaesuk variety show about working places in south Korea TvN Laborhood on Hire. The program stars just last month on 24th of August 2019, and in the 4th episode they gonna go to KTX train depot to experience the daily life of worker behind KTX service.


AOMG KTX laborhood on hire guest : Simon Dominic, Code Kunst & GRAY

Yoo Jaesuk is acquinted with all AOMG guest in this episode! How ? Simon Dominic is a long term artist that often guest in Yoo Jaesuk variety show in the past (back in 2010’s), Code Kunst just become a guest on Running man & GRAY as his producer on Yoo Jaesuk program ‘Hangout with Yoo’.


AOMG artist also share their past working part time before they become full fledged musician
Code Kunst : hard labor, Coffee shop, bar, soccer player abroad
GRAY : Karaoke place, Illustrator
Simon Dominic : Bar, Factory, Gas station, Vending machine operator, Events MC

AOMG artist previous work experience

Hip Hop everywhere

Simon Dominic can rap to any type of beat, including bicycle horn.  The bicycle were used by KTX cleaning worker to move around and cover a huge part of KTX train service station. Gotta learn something new everyday.



Not here to play around. AOMG artist is dedicated to their work as part time KTX cleaner. Everyone is too dedicated to their new job they even forget that they’re shooting for Variety Show & Tv Program.

AOMG KTX. the dedicated worker of AOMG.

Bonus : AOMG KTX activities, busy busy

After hard day of work, AOMG artist finally finish their jobs and get their part time job wage. How do they spend their money ??

Code Kunst : Treat staff & coworker to late night Coffee
Simon Dominic : Give pocket money to his niece on Chuseok
GRAY : Buy his niece a new toy for Chuseok

How AOMG artist spend their part time jobs payment

Bonus : Uncle Simon Dominic


Make sure to follow them on Instagram : @Callmegray ; @longlivesmdc ; @code_kunst . Watch AOMG KTX Experience  Laborhood on Hire Ep 4 english subs HERE



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