ONE 2019 | Rapper, Actor, and CEO

ONE has expanded his career through many drama and movie projects. After all this time, what we can expect from ONE 2019?

ONE 2019

ONE part ways with YG entertainment after 4 years with the company. One of the big news in the industry earlier this year, 2019. Now what is ONE plan for the rest of the year? the former SMTM contestant have lot of plans that hopefully can be achieved before this year endedr, 2019.


ONE during SMTM 5

ONE made an impact appearance during Show Me the Money 4, eliminated because he was the one who did not suit the producer beat. ONE joined SMTM again the next year after penning an exclusive contract with YG, becoming the first solo artist from the company after 13 years.



ONE 2019 Online Presence: Instagram and Youtube Channel

ONE deleted all the posts on his Instagram after he has left YG. ONE explained about that, “Recently, I spent some time pondering and at some point I just wanted to delete everything. Doesn’t everyone have times like that? Perhaps when the new album releases, I will delete the current 3 posts I have uploaded and start fresh.”

ONE wanted to use Instagram again to show his gratitude toward the fans because there are not many windows for communicating with fans. “For the past 2 years, even though only 2 song I have been released, I am sincerely grateful that there are still people waiting for me.”

ONE planned to release Youtube channel in the near future. “I have been closed off in many ways, but I will show my face more in the future. Usually, I am the type to not meet people much but I am trying to change that. You might think that Jung Jaewon has disappeared at some point, but I hope you think of this as a time of gaining energy in my own style.

What ONE Does in His Spare Time

ONE likes to read before he sleeps. “I was reading “The Flowers of Evil” and I could not read it again and again. It’s hard to see it four times. I have a desire to fully understand it one day. I try to read a book that is different from reading at twenty-six and forty-six. Books that give you another feeling when you see them now and later read them 10 years later.”



ONE likes to spend his time at home the most, but sometimes he also goes to Han River. “I like the night view from the bridge leading to Yeouido. The view from above the Han River is really beautiful. Actually, I like home the most. Home and bed are the best.”


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