Bintage Vintage Single album | Official Debut

Bintage Vintage. Producer Bintage who known for his producing works since 2017 finally debut !! Few artist that Bintage have work with : Monsta X, Boitello & Jang Daehyun.

Bintage Vintage

A singer songwriter producer and everything in between. Bintage debut with a single altum titled vintage. Not only known for his ability as lyricist & producer, Bintage also really active as soundcloud artist, actually already release an album titled ‘The High’ last year (2018) on Soundcloud that feature : B㏂sem, Yelloasis, Baylee, Sophiya & DA₩N.


Bintage Vintage single album tracklist

  • Do it for love
  • Workroom feat Donggyoung

Bintage Workroom MV

Title track of Bintage Vintage single album is ‘Workroom‘, a song that portray life as a musician: arrive at the studio late in the evening and working till dawn. Even though the theme is gloomy (“Things that i wanted to say  but Never Said”) Workroom is a perfect song for the upcoming autumn. Just like the season, it’s not too hot nor its too chill, it’s just perfect.



Monsta x ‘Shine Forever‘ co written & composed by Bintage

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