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Simon Dominic No Open Flames. The new EP of Simon Dominic is a long awaited by everyone yet we actually already heard the songs from a month ago.

Simon Dominic No Open flames

Simon Dominic announce he gonna step down as Co-CEO of AOMG last year with the track ‘Me no Jay Park‘. Now a full fledged artist, Ssamd can focus his time making music in  his darkroom studio with fellow darkroom mate Goosebumps. No open flames is the result of Simon Dominic & Goosebumps hard work the past 8 month. Darkroom darkroom !


SImon Dominic No Open flames tracklist

  • Intro
  • Dax4
  • GOTT feat Moon, Woo Wonjae & Jvckiwai
  • Make her dance feat Loopy & Crush
  • Pose! feat Yumdda
  • Room Type
  • Ya Ain’t Gang feat Jayallday & Simo

Simon dominic titled the album No Open flames because the songs inside is intense & maybe too hot for some. There’s also the song ‘Room Type‘ which already pre release as part of Sign here promotional MV.

Simon Dominic GOTT feat Moon, Woo Wonjae & Jvckiwai MV

GOTT means : “Gooesebumps on the track”. Producer Goosebumps produce all the songs in SImon Dominic including this one. GOTT feature the trendiest artist in the recent years. There’s AOMG Maknae Woo wonjae, Moon from Million Market & Jvckiwai from Indigo Music. The ‘Thriller‘ type of MV maybe disturbing for some so watch with precaution.



Simon Dominic have a lengthy career that doesn’t seems to be stopping anytime soon. He’s recently goes to Indonesia to attend Asian Sound Syndicate and plan to have more activities in the future.

SImon Dominic ‘Simon Dominic’ Original Version

Make sure to follow SImon Dominic on Instagram : @Longlivesmdc . Don’t miss out Ssamd fun updates! Especially now he’s become a judge on Signhere ~



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