G Soul discharge | After 21 months serve military service

Today we got a good news, G soul discharge! After serving mandatory military service for 21 months, our soulful Kim Jihyun is back !

G Soul start his mandatory military service on 26th of December 2017 as an active duty soldier (take 21 months to complete). The soulful singer from H1GHRMUSIC is on the rise prior to his enlistment, with songs such as Tequila & Bad habit receive lots of love from everyone. Now he’s ready to go back to music industry, even already prepare few songs to release !


G soul Discharge letter, for fans who been waiting.

G Soul DIcharge

So anyone looking forward to new music of G Soul ?? In an short interview with OSEN, after discharge from the military, G Soul also said that he’s been working on a new music for everyone.



G Soul Discharge interview

G Soul keep releasing music while serve his mandatory military service

While in the military, G Soul still working hard as musician! In the free time, G Soul actually record featuring for Woogie song titled ‘Call My Name’ . Other music release while he’s in the military is with Lee Hi & Jooyoung.


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G Soul discharge from the military is one of the best news we got today. There’s much more good news to follow from G Soul in the future. For now, welcome back!


Pics source : OSEN : NEWSEN