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Kirin Yunu in the House ~. Kirin release another collaboration EP !! THis time it’s with fellow 8balltown producer Yunu. Are you a fan of old school House music ?

Kiirn Yunu

Kirin start his career on 2009, actually made an instrumental album to accompany his gallery exhibition (Kirin is also a painter). Kirin is exclusively working with Jack Swing genre of music, a rare type of music to encounter in the Korea music scene. now Kirin incorporate his own genre with producer Yunu genre : House music. So we got one of a kind type of music that released in from of EP.

Kirin Yunu in the House tracklist

  • Pump up the Yunu feat Curious 3
  • Bodyguard
  • Yay Yay Yay feat Youra
  • Good day Gasnah feat Sogumm
  • E-Byul son go
  • Let me Groove
  • Temptation feat Jason lee
  • The one


Check out Kirin yunu in the house EP snippet

Kirin ‘Yay Yay Yay’ feat Youra

Not only the Music have 90’s Vibes, the music video also give a throwback to several things that popular in the 90’s : Game show, dating program, cheesy high school confession and many more. Youra who have been really active since appear on SBS ‘The Fan‘ a program for talented yet still unknown artist.



This is not the first collaboration of Kirin with Producer/DJ Yunu. Last year on may 2018, Kirin & Yunu collaborate for a track titled ‘For My parents‘. Listening to their songs feels like we going back on a memory trip even though the songs were made recently.

Kirin ‘For My parents’ prod by Yunu

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What do you think of Kirin Yunu in the House EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !