SMTM 8 EP 6 | Team Mission battle , 2 elimination each crew

SMTM 8 Ep 6. The iconic Team Mission battle where legendary songs were made. Every season this session produce songs that top South Korea Music charts, what about this season?

SMTM 8 Ep 6

Previous Episode we got crew vs crew battle where Owen Ovadoz  is eliminated from 40 crew. There’s 21 contestant left that survived in SMTM 8, They gonna separated into 4 teams where they perform with track made by producer from each crew. 4 of them gonna be eliminated this episode, and it probably gonna be a heartbreak for some. This is the recap of SMTM 8 Ep 6


40 Crew 1st Team :  Kim Seungmin Donutman Olltii YunB Yunhway

Before the performance start, Olltii have lots of problem memorizing the lyrics in practice & rehearsal. It still lingers to the performance though, which probably the main reason of Olltii is eliminated from SMTM 8. It’s been 2 occasion (SMTM 6) that Olltii eliminated before Diss battle a battle that Olltii himself really look forward. One of the biggest What if of Show Me The Money. “What If olltii participate in Diss battle?”

  • Eliminated : Olltii


BGM-V Crew 1st team : Big Naughty Young B ChoiLB Chillin Homie Woodie Gochild King chimane

The performance didnt show any faults or mistake by the contestant. But the *censored* contestant is eliminated in this episode. As i explained in the previous Episode, Kingchi mane is the other member of the team that were edited out/blurred by MNET because of sexual harassment controversy. He’s eliminated

  • Eliminated : Kingchi mane



40 Crew 2nd Team Lil Tachi Bully da bastard Bryn Takuwa EK

Before the performance, it were shown that two person is in the most jeopardy of being eliminated. Takuwa were criticized for rap/sing in a note that too much high compared to others while Bully da Bastard struggle to deliver the hard pace flow of his verse. The performance was perfect, both of them didn’t make any mistake, Yet only 4 can pass, Byungho journey in SMTM 8 is ended.

Eliminated : Bully da bastard 


BGM -- V Crew 2nd Team Mckdaddy Zene The Zilla Jjangyou Punchnello Dbo

Arguably the best performance ot this episode, SMTM 8 Ep 6. BAMN is produced by Millic, the highlight is the hook that use flute as the base. The highlight of the performance is when Dbo is surrounded by other contestant singing the hook ‘BAMN’~. Not only us, BGM-V crew producers is also having a hard time decide the one to be eliminated. In the end Dbo make a really small mistake and eliminated.

Eliminated : Dbo


Diss Battle Lineup

It’s not SMTM without Diss Battle. SMTM 8 Ep 7 next episode will be the iconic Diss battle !! This year it’s between 40 crew & BGM-V Crew. Here’s the lineup of the upcoming Diss battle

  • Young B vs YunB
  • Chillin homie vs Donutman
  • Mckdaddy vs Bryn
  • Zene The Zilla vs EK
  • Woodie Gochild vs Takuwa
  • Big Naughty vs Smtm
  • ChoilB sv Kim Seungmin
  • Yunhway vs Jjangyou / Punchnello (because BGM-V Crew have 1 more member than 40 crew, they win previouss crew vs crew battle)


Check out all SMTM 8 contestant HERE. There’s not yet SMTM 8 Ep 6 English subs but you can watch the RAW version HERE 



What do you think of SMTM 8 EP 6 ?? Which performance is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !