Layone OUTLIVE | SMTM 8 Contestant Raewon new family

One of the Scene stealer of SHow Me The Money this year is Raewon (Stage name Layone). Now he’s depart to a new journey with new family. Layone OUTLIVE.

Layone Outlive

OUTLIVE is an agency of Kim Saehankil, Basick & Kim Jihyun. Start late last year on the end of 2018,  OUTLIVE have been active promoting their artist Kim Saehankil & Basick, the latter one have been busy release music that include EP, featurings & even Drama OST! Now, OUTLIVE just keep moving forward with the recent signing, Layone / Raewon.


Layone SMTM 2nd round performance

For SMTM 8 viewers, Layone is known for his energetic stage! Since the 2nd episode where he got an airtime, Layone steal producer, fellow contestant & viewers attention with his performance. Oh having a fun personality also help!



Layone highlight on SMTM 8 is when he perform on 3rd round battle with Zizo & livur. Not only the catchy hook, Layone dance also become a viral dance where other people follow in their Instagram. Even the producers were hook by Layone energetic perfromance from this episode.

Layone x LIvur x Zizo ‘Icebreaker’

Layone Journey in SMTM 8 maybe ended, but Layone journey just start !! He’s haven’t officially ‘debut’ yet (only have collaboration track released earlier this year in Melon). We look forward to Layone OUTLIVE activities !

Layone with Livur & zizo

Layone Outlive

Make sure to follow Layone OUTLIVE on Instagram :@layon_e & @outlive_official Not only fun on the stage, Layone also often post fun Instagram post !



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