STi 6 Am Unhappy people | Just the first part of 6th Album

Singer songwriter rapper producer and everything in between. Now Sti release 1st part of Album. STi 6 AM Unhappy people :(. Yup with emoticon.

STI 6 Am

STi actually a veteran in music industry. First time come to the scene in 2000’s. Debut in a 266 duo before goes to military and re-debut with STi stage name in 2007. In span of 12 years, STi already release more than 150 songs, not a lot of artist can produce that much & have the longevity of STi.

STi 6 am : Unhappy People 🙁

  • Another Way feat Kidd King
  • No Way, Control feat Life of Hojj
  • Fvck feat Donutman
  • Alone Again feat Crucial star
  • Irish Exit feat Damiano
  • Worrying Graph feat Kebee
  • Window103

STi ‘Irish Exit’ Damiano

The album use emoticon 🙁 Why? Because it’s actually an album with negative emotion, stressful situation. Title track ‘Irish Exit’ is a track about using drinks & alcohol to relieve stress of daily life. Beside produced & composed by Sti himself, the track also feature Damiano.



STi already release 155 tracks, including various genre all over his career. If you into more chill vibes, check out one of my personal favorite track by STi ‘Way to Your Home‘.

STi ‘Way to Your Home‘ acoustic version

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