Soribada K Music Awards 2019 | Korean Hip hop R&B Winner

Soribada K Music awards 2019 ! It’s the 3rd year running of Awards run by Soribada for artist that mark the achievement of artists in korea music industry.

Soribada K music Awards 2019

This year, Soribada add multiple category including one that excite us the most, Hip hop maker awards. On the other side Soribada remove Hip Hop artist awards where Mino is the winner last year, In this page we will cover the winner of R&B winner & hip hop category.


Soribada K Music Awards 2019 R&B Artist awards : Park Bom & Yang Dail

After Crush become a sole Winner on Soribada K Music Awards 2018, this year we got 2 winner! Park Bom & Yang Da il win  best R&B artist awards on this year edition of the award.


Park Bom is coming back to music scene with a bang. ‘Spring’ were getting an All Kill (top all south korea Music Charts) when it release. Meanwhile, the Brand new Music artist yang Dail have been one of the most consistent & productive artist, already release 40 track since last year. Including multiple Drama OST that well love by the audience.

Yang Dail come to Soribada K Music Awards 2019



Soribada K Music Awards 2019 Hip Hop maker awards : Groovyroom & Dress

Soribada K music Awards 2019

This is a new award category on Soribada K Music Award. Not only one, they give this award to two hip hop producer : Groovyroom & Dress! Both of the producer is not only love by Khiphop & krnb community but also Korea Music industry because they also produce songs for other artist beyond their genre.

Groovyroom have been active as music producer. But this year they take a step further by becoming a School rapper 3  mentor, start as a youtuber, have their own class & last but not least, produce hit songs that we all love to listen. Its not gonna be over yet because they plan to have a collaboration with leellamarz of Ambition musik!

Groovyroom ‘This NIght‘ feat Blue D & Jhnovr

Producer Dress ‘Baby’ feat Sogumm & penomeco

Producer Dress meanwhile just starting with the new family Highline entertainment in 2018. Beside release own track, in 2019 producer Dress also have been produce tracks for : WJSN, Baekhyun of EXO & Lee Gi kwang of Highlight. Can’t wait to hear more music from Dress in the future !



Soribada K Music Awards 2019 Best Producer : Rhymer

Brand New Music take a step further in 2019. Beside the success of debut idol groups such as AB6IX & MXM, Rhymer also start a new agency Brand New A for new generation singer Vincent Blue & Yodayoung. Dont forget also the hip hop artist of BNM like Yenjamin & GREE who have been active this year, the list goes on and on.


Full Soribada K Music Awards 2019  winner

  • Artist of the Year: BTS
  • Stage of the Year: Red Velvet
  • Music of the Year : TWICE
  • Live performance of the Year : Mamamoo
  • Main Prize (Bonsang) :  Ha Sungwoon, Red Velvet , NCT 127, Mamamoo, Park Jihoon, AB6IX, TWICE, Momoland, Monsta X, Chungha, BTS, Kim Jaehwan
  • Rookie Award : ITZY & TXT (Group) ; Song Ga In, Hong Ja, Kim Soo Chan & Jung Mi Ae (Trot)
  • Popularity Award : TWICE & BTS
  • Trot Daesang : Jinsung & Hong Jin Young
  • Best Trot Award : Tae jin ah
  • Best OST Award : Jung Sewoon
  • R&B Artist Award : Park Bom & Yang Dail
  • Rock Band Award : YB
  • Producer Award : Rhymer
  • Best HIp Hop maker award : Groovyroom : Dress
  • New K-Wave artist award : Lovelyz, Cosmic Girls
  • Performance Award : ATEEZ , Loona
  • Rising Hot star award : N.Flying, The Boyz & Stray Kids
  • New K-Wave Icon award : Oh My Girl, Park Jihoon
  • Voice Award : Jung sewoon , Lee Changmin
  • Music Star award : CLC & Nature
  • Next Artist award : Oneus, New Kidd & A.C.E
  • Social artist Award : Hwasa of Mamamoo, NCT 127
  • New Wave award : (G)I-DLE , Monsta X
  • Art-tainer Award : Nam Woohyun , Wekimeki
  • Social Voice award : Lee Woo
  • Global Hot trend Award ; Astro

Congratulation to all the winner of Soribada K Music Awards 2019 !!



We glad that there’s more KHH/KRNB artist that get more recognition by winning awards. We hope to see more this year !


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