Kirin Jay Park Baddest Nice guys EP | AOMG 8balltown

Kirin Jay Park collaboration !! Two fo the closest friend Kirin & Park Jaebum release a new collaboration EP titled ‘Baddest Nice Guys’ .

Kirin Jay Park

Kirin Jay Park is one of the closest friend, i even often joke around and said Kirin is an unofficial AOMG member because how often he work & hang out with the members. Debut on 2009, Kirin already have 100 tracks that he participate (release & featuring), part of 8balltown crew Kirin have a distinct music style that reminds you of the 80’s & 90’s.

Kirin Jay Park Baddest Nice Guys EP tracklist

  • One nation feat Plastic Kid
  • Do what i LIke feat Chloe Devita
  • Tonight feat Ugly duck
  • Baddest NIce guys feat Simon Dominic DJ Light & DJ Wegun

Kirin Jay Park tonight feat Uglyduck MV

Can’t sleep on summer night ?? Kirin, Jay park & Uglyduck have the answer ! Tonight is a song for everone who cant sleep and decide to enjoy their youth. The R&B track not only feature AOMG artist Uglyduck but also feature Saxophone player Jason lee from 8balltown. 8Balltown x AOMG Collaboration indeed.



This is not the first collaboration between the two artists. Back in 2015, Kirin & Jay Park already collaborate for a track with late 90’s vibe titled ‘City Breeze‘ . Lets turn back time and listen to the track.

Kirin Jay park ‘City Breeze’

Make sure to follow both Kirin Jay Park on Instagram : @Kirincominatya ; @jparkitrighthere. Dont miss out their fun interaction !



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WHat do you think of Kirin & Jay Park Baddest NIce guys EP?? Which track is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !