Geeks Officially Missing You | Remake of Tamia song

Geeks Officially Missing you ~. One of the most popular track from Korean hip hop duo Geeks that consist of Lil Boi & Louie.

Geeks Officially Missing you

Geeks Officially Missing you. its the GRANDLINE !! The two artist Lil Boi & Louie is a duo from Grandline entertainment that have been active since 2011. Officially Missing you is also the title of their 1st album together.

Geeks Officially Missing You

The music sound familiar ?? The song is actually remake of popular song of Tamia with the same title that was released on 2004. Even in 2019, this song still arguably the most known/recognizable song by Geeks. The song did really well in music charts & jumpstart the popularity of both Louie & lil Boi. One of the reason of why Lil boi is one of the most anticipated contestant in SMTM 4.



The song popularity make the song re-released again next year in 2012 with a featuring from Sistar Member Soyou. This version is as (if not more) popular than Geeks version.

Geeks x Soyou ‘Officially Missing You too’

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