SMTM 8 Ep 4 | 1 Vs 1 Crew Battle, unexpected result

SMTM 8 Ep 4 !! After last episode we see 55 rapper pass, now it’s time for the iconic 1 vs 1 battle !! Its little different from previous Show Me The Money though, Here’s the recap !

SMTM 8 Ep 4

There’s still gonna be 55 rapper that still survive after a fun beat battle in the previous episode. This episode gonna be the episode where the new concept of SMTM 8 apply:¬† crew vs crew battle !


New Rules : Rapper the one who PICK producer team

Different from past season, SMTM 8 show a new rules that more friendly to the contestant. Each contestant can choose their own team !! There’s only 2 team to choose from but instead of being picked by the producer the contestant can choose the team who suit them the best. If it were you, would you choose BGM-V Crew or 40 crew ??


BGM V Crew member

SMTM 8 Ep 4

  • Mac9
  • Mckdaddy
  • Veiniyfl
  • Blase Kid
  • Big Naughty
  • Ahn Byungung
  • Sureen/Unofficialboyy
  • Untell
  • Eptend
  • Young B
  • Woodie Gochild
  • Zene The Zilla
  • Jjangyou
  • ChoiLB
  • Chillin Homie
  • Kingchimane
  • Punchnello
  • Poy Muzeum
  • Hunnyhunna
  • Rose De Penny
  • Dbo
  • Lo volf
  • m1nu
  • Naughty Mae
  • OVOL
  • X
  • Yanu

40 Crew member

SMTM 8 Ep 4

  • Kim Seungmin
  • Donutman
  • Raewon
  • Punkloxxman
  • Lil Tachi
  • MushVenom
  • Boo Hyunseok
  • Bully Da bastard
  • Bryn
  • Sway D
  • Slick odomar
  • Siggie Feb
  • A Chess
  • Young Blood X
  • Oday osa
  • Owen Ovadoz
  • Olltii
  • Yuja
  • YunB
  • Yunhway
  • Korkash
  • Takuwa
  • Cox Billy
  • Doggynom/bnom
  • EK
  • Leebido
  • Yung Sog Wave



Special Judge

Not only new format, there’s gonna be a special judge for SMTM 8 Ep 4 !! . The producer wont be judging the contestant but it gonna be a special guest judge. The judge didnt know (some of) the contestant beforehand, so expect some twist in the episode tonight !


Veiniyfl vs A-Chess (WIN)

This battle is one of the example special judges gonna make a difference. Most of the producer is high on Veiniyfl who show great performance since 1st episode, but the special judges doesnt know veiniyfl (still a rookie) so they could judge without being biased by contestant prior episode performance (The episode were shoot few months ago).


Takuwa (Win) vs Rose De Penny

Two of trendy rapper that still not that yet known to the public. Rose De Penny have been constantly gaining recognition even though he’s barely appear on Survival shows, while Takuwa unique demeanor finally catch everyone attention. Great performance from both of them (too bad Rose De Penny forget the lyrics)


Check out all SMTM 8 contestant HERE. There’s not yet SMTM 8 Ep 4 English subs but you can watch the RAW version HERE¬†



How do you think of SMTM 8 Ep 4 ?? There still more story in the NEXT PAGE