Jo Woochan Cola | New track with kawaii creator Hotchkiss !

Jo Woochan Cola. A new single from SMTM 6 contestant Jo Woochan. The kawaii creator Hotchkiss / Kim Hojin also feature in the track, a must listen.

Jo Woochan Cola

Our little Woochan is still little (15 years old korean age ) but he’s really active recently¬† In just a span of a month, Woochan release two single album! I really glad to see Woochan continue to pursue music after a long hiatus in 2018 post ‘OGZ’ era ended, he’s still really young (2005) even when compared to the young generation of ‘School rappers‘ that been on the rise recently, the future of Hip Hop music industry is bright !


Jo Woochan School Boy Project

  • Reality Check (feat Dok2) (part 1)
  • Viking
  • Cola feat Hotchkiss (part 2)
  • Wave


Jo Woochan Cola feat Hotchkiss MV

It’s summer ! And Jo Woochan have a summer song that just like a carbonatic cola, a refreshing music made by producer Doomsday. School rapper 3 contestant Hotchkiss hyung also participate in the track. The Music Video of ‘Cola‘ were shoot in collaboration with Stone Music new hip hop project ‘Flex Zone’.



Not only release music, recently Jo Woochan also going on a busking trip to the beach with Hotchkiss. Check out the two young rapper having fun preparing the busking event & perform in front of the crowd !

Jo Woochan going busking with hotchkiss

Bonus : JO Woochan SMTM 6 team mission

Make sure to follow Jo woochan (account handled by mom) on Instagram : @Jowoochan_santa , He’s currently really busy busy !



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