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Heize Happy Together episode 473 appearance deserve its own throwback. Heize journey is not an easy one, she share a lot of hardship that she’s been through over the years in this episode.

Heize Happy Together

On September 11th, 2016, Heize appeared on Happy Together . Heize appeared with Hwang Seulhye, Goo Jaeyee, Kyungri , Happy Together MC’s Hyeongyeong, and Monika. Let’s check out Heize happy together stories !

Imitating SsamD

What heize and Simon Dominic have in similarity ? Busan! Heize actually live a long time in Busan, where she goes to Pukyong university.One of Heize talent is that she  could imitate Simon Dominic. Heize said, “I did not try to imitate Simon Dominic. I speak as I normally do.” Then she tried Simon D’s phrase and the MCs surprised because they found the resemblance.


Jun Hyunmoo Talked about “Don’t Comeback”

Heize and Jun Hyunmoo had a meal together. “He visited the restaurant before the shoot for Wednesday Food Talk. We ate together with acquaintances. He had listened to my song. He asked if it was based on a real event. I told him that it was. He gave me advice on love. He asked me if I had not forgotten my ex-boyfriend. I was struggling at the time.”



Awkward to be A Celebrity

Jun Hyunmoo said, “Heize’s songs have strong digital music sales. Women in their 20s love her. However, it doesnt feel like she is a celebrity.” Heize said, “To be honest it feels awkward to be here. It is because I do not appeare on TV often. I mostly focus on my music and only visit shows when rare opportunities arise.”

Yoo Jaesuk said, “Your hair and fashion say otherwise. Anyone would agree that you are a celebrity. You have celebrity’s hairstyle” Heize responded, “I have a shoot for a music video tomorrow. That was why I got my hair dyed. I normally do not even wear makeup. It feels awkward to receive that kind of treatment.”


Daegu Goo Jaeyee

Heize nickname at high school was Daegu Goo Jaeyee. Goo Jaeyee also appeared on the same episode. Heize said, “I am sorry to say this, but people told me that I look like you.  Another nickname I had was Oven-baked Goo Jaeyee.” They tried filter that swapped the faces. They were surprised looking on the result.


Kissing Fellow Artists

Heize loved by her junior and senior singers because she kisses other people very often. Heize explained, “Since I was a child, I liked kissing my friends. I kissed them all the time. They do not even try to resist it anymore. They did not like it before.” Heize kissed Kyungri all of a sudden. Kyungri and Seulhye expressed their excitement toward Heize.


Permission from Father

Heize’s father was against her dream. He gave her permission on one condition that she became the top of her class. Heize said, “I used to be in almost the last of my class. I did not study. It was not something I wanted to do, so I did not care about it”

That made Heize realize that she cannot do what she actually want because of her studies. Heize decided to prove myself through studying, she’s studies really hard and became the top of the class. After that, she joined Unpretty Rapstar. “When I first became the top of my class, he said it was my path. At first, dad seemed frustrated. But now he loves it.”



Struggling as A Rapper

Heize ate vitamins because she did not have money to eat. Heize told the story, “I came to Seoul to do what my dad does not want me to.  I did not want to ask their help. I had 3 part-time jobs. I tried really hard to earn. But, after paying the rent and for album producing, I did not even have ten dollars at the end of a month. All the hard times paid off though, now we all know Heize is a digital monster.



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