Giriboy Gab Boon Gi | Never stop release new music

Giriboy just keep going. Being busy as SMTM 8 producer didnt stop giriboy from making new music!! Now there’s new release Giriboy Gab Boon Gi EP.

Giriboy Gab Boon Gi

Just on 2019 Alone, Giriboy already combined (Release, featured & producing) for 38 songs. As a producer, Giriboy not only produce track for himself, friends & tv appearance (as School rapper 3 mentor) but also produce track for idol group such as Pentagon. Giriboy is really spreading his wings this year, and at this point we wont even be surprised if Giriboy decide to release a new music again tomorrow.


Giriboy Gab Boon Gi EP Tracklist

  • Party people feat Uneducated Kid & Yumdda
  • Fuck off
  • Lets meet after work
  • Party is over
  • All prod by Minit

Giriboy Party is Over MV

Anyway whats the meaning of Gab Boon gi ?? It actually just an abbrevation of “gabjagi boonwigi Giriboy” which means ‘Giriboy Sudden atmosphere’. Giriboy decide to try his take on EDM sounds with this EP, including for title track ‘Party is Over’. He’s already have more than 240 tracks yet Giriboy can still come up with something new.



Giriboy recently also produce track for Pentagon SUM(ME:R) EP titled ‘Humph!’ & ‘fantasystic‘. Check out the tracks also if you havent ~

Check out Giriboy interaction with Hui of Pentagon

Make sure to follow Giriboy on Instagram : @giriboy91 . He’s never run out of interesting content


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What do you think of Giriboy Gab Boon Gi EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !


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