10cm Do You Think of Me ? | Behind Story of The Song

10cm appeared for the second time on 1theK’s Live ONE to promote his latest release, “Do You Think of Me?”. Check out the story behind 10cm do you think of me

10 cm Do you think of me

On August 6th, 10cm appeared on Live ONE segment by 1theK Originals. He promoted his latest release called Do You Think of Me? 10 Cm goes as far back as 2010, their songs is loved by everyone in every season except Summer, until now. Yup ! 10 CM finally have a summer song to make everone summer better ~.



Kwon Jungyeol Recent Activities

It has been 2 years since his latest appearance. Back then, he released his 4th album then performed the pre-release single, “Help”. When asked about the source of his inspiration to write the lyrics for his new song, Kwon Jungyeol answered, “I don’t do anything special. I try hard to write nice lyrics.”

10cm Do You Think of Me MV

The new single is called “Do You Think of Me?”There’s a lyrics that says, “A mosquito is in my room” “Do you think of me?” was in my mind from the beginning. The lyrics were born unconsciously. Kwon Jungyeol also try a little bit of acting in the Music video for the song. He never tried it before so he look angry instead of happy, actor Kwon jungyeol still need a lot to learn.



10cm have a common theme when it comes to Music video : a room. ‘Do You Think Of Me?’ is not an exception. “It’s a story that set in my main center, a room. I think it’s because of my personality. I don’t go out often. Through many songs that I’ve released, I think I’ve built a special room. “

10 Cm What the spring ?


Kwon Jungyeol felt that he has not released a summer song that being loved by many people. “So I thought, “Doesn’t 10cm go well with summer?” That was what I thought. 10cm doesnt have a summer song yet, they already have several hit songs that associated with other seasons ; Spring : ‘Whats the spring’ . Fall : Stalker , Winter : Sseudam sseudam, but none yet in summer



10cm Concert 1020

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[D-9] 10cm 소극장 여름 콘서트 ‘1020’ MD – Do You Think Of Me? T-Shirt + ? : 27,000 Do You Think Of Me? Ball Cap + ? : 23,000 Do You Think Of Me? Cup + ? : 10,000 권딸기 핀뱃지 + ? : 8,000 – *제품 구매시 시크릿 MD가 제공 됩니다. (제품당 1개) *본 이미지는 그래픽으로 실물과 다소 차이가 있을 수 있습니다. – *머천다이즈는 공연 당일 1시간 30분 전부터 로비에서 판매될 예정이며 공연 30분 전까지 판매됩니다. *당일 재고 수량에 한하여 공연 종료 후 30분까지 판매 예정입니다. (품절시 종료후에는 판매되지 않습니다) – *머천다이즈는 콘서트 현장에서만 판매됩니다. *1인 1제품씩 최대 4개 제품 구매가 가능합니다. *1일 판매수량이 정해져 있으며 당일 품절시 구매가 불가합니다. *당일 공연 티켓 및 예매 내역서 확인 후 구매가 가능합니다. – [MD 판매 시간] 2019. 08. 08 ,09, 15, 16(목, 금) 6:30 로비오픈, 티켓오픈, MD오픈 7:30 관객입장, MD 판매 마감(당일 재고 수량 공연 종료후 30분후까지 판매) 8:00 공연시작 – 2019. 08. 10, 17 (토) 5:30 로비오픈, 티켓오픈, MD오픈 6:30 관객입장, MD 판매 마감(당일 재고 수량 공연 종료후 30분후까지 판매) 7:00 공연시작 – 2019. 08. 11, 18 (일) 4:30 로비오픈, 티켓오픈, MD오픈 5:30 관객입장, MD 판매 마감(당일 재고 수량 공연 종료후 30분후까지 판매) 6:00 공연시작 – #10cm #십센치 #권정열 #소극장콘서트 #1020

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10 Cm also recently have a concert 1020! He’s always interacting with the fans whether is with his SNS or through concerts.

Curing Mosquito’s Bite

The title of the first part is ‘Why is there a mosquito in the room?’ “As I said before, I easily get mosquito bites. Looks like they love my blood taste. I’ve been fighting with them in my whole life. I can’t avoid this topic. Because the song is about mosquitoes. I don’t know much about mosquitoes.”

“If you know some good tips, or if you want to share a story about mosquitoes this is a segment for you. If I ask a question, you can answer by a comment”.

First of all, ‘Applying my saliva on the bite is better, or’ ‘making a cross sign on the bite is better?’

The fans shouted ‘Mosquitoes love only handsome guys’ What a coincidence! “Thank you, and sorry A cross sign works better? Is this true?

Kwon Jungyeol do not like the smell of liquid pain reliever. A fan recommended applying warm water, and the other fans agreed with it. Applying the liquid pain reliever.’ Somebody left the message. But I don’t like that smell.

Kwon Jungyeol learned that people with high temperature are prone to get bitten and his body has high temperature.

When asked about what does he do when he gets a mosquito bite he answered that, “I think I’ve made a cross sign. But I won’t do it anymore, thanks to your comments.”

When asked about how many mosquito bites, he said, “I haven’t got any today. Ironically, I got it every day, but not today.”

‘Mosquitoes in the mountain vs. mosquitoes at the sea side’, which one is worse?

Kwon Jungyeol asked his fans about another mosquito things. “I got a mosquito bite at the sea side. After the concert held near East Sea. I was bitten while I was outside after dinner. I nearly died because it was so itchy. Looks like you think mosquitoes in the mountain are worse. Have you been bitten by the mosquitoes at the sea side?”

Kwon Jungyeol learned about malaria and Aedes aegypti from the fans. More people chose mountain mosquitoes.

Kwon Jungyeol asked about the reason he got bitten easily, the phrase from the lyrics. The fans tried to answer. They gave some answers like ‘Because you’re a warm person’ ‘Because you taste good’? That can be true ‘People with paler skin’? Subin said she is.

Kwon Jungyeol was surprised when a fan told that people with blood type O easily get mosquito bites. “It’s me! Is it because of my blood type?

Some fans accused he was dirty at home but he denied it. Some fans joked about mosquitoes need Americano like human.

Stalker Performance

Some people asked him to sing “Stalker” at the beginning of the program.

“In order to refresh the atmosphere, I’m going to sing a song for you. It’s one of the songs that you like. I’m not sure whether changing the topic all of a sudden like this will be a good idea or not. For me, it’s meaningful. Summer is far from over.”

“I’m going to sing ‘Stalker’, so that mosquitoes won’t stalk you. Thank you. I just sung ‘Stalker’ Did you enjoy the song?”

Fans expressed the admiration toward his hit. ‘I got to like nerds because of you’. I like that comment very much. Let me check new comments.  Many people sang along. ‘My mom was listening with me’ ‘She said she likes your voice’ “Thank you!”

“’Your voice sounds different when you’re singing’. I know, my voice sounds different when I’m singing.”

“’There’s my favourite friend’, ‘She said she can relate to this song’. Thank you for the comment”

After that, there’s one more segment. It’s called ‘I’m curious about U’. This is basically Q&A. Fans asked some questions about Kwon Jungyeol. Then he answered.

New Song Have to Compete with Soran’s

When asked about how well his recent song about mosquito will do, Kwon Jungyeol answered the question that said ‘Do you think you’ll beat ‘About the Fall”? “There’s a band called ‘Soran’. One of their songs is ‘About the Fall’ As far as I know, they named the song because of a mosquito in fall.

“The title of the song has nothing to do with a mosquito. But many people related it to my new song because of mosquito. But the song has nothing to do with a mosquito. It’s written in a different way. Hope you don’t find any relation with my new song.”

Afraid of Laser

‘Have you removed some moles?’ No, I’m scared of it. I heard the treatment burns the mole using laser I can’t do it because I’m afraid of it.

‘How did you get a tattoo? You said you’re afraid of laser’ That’s what I’m saying How did I get it? I find it interesting, too

Hair Style

Kwon Jungyeol wanted some fans’ opinion about the hair style he should try in the future.

“Well, everyone. I’ve answered your questions. Then I’ll ask you this time. Please answer me ‘Which hair style would you like to recommend me?’ I’m sick and tired of my same hair style.  If you suggest something nice, I’ll consider it. I meant, except with bang or without bang. I wanted to know various options.”

Fans commented about some hairstyles. Fans asked about Head shaving. “I did it once, when I was younger. I can’t do it anymore, sorry.”

Kwon Jungyeol also did not want dreadlocks style. “I heard it weakens the root of the hair.”

Kwon Jungyeol did not know some hairstyle that recommended by fans. There were Pompadour Guardian hair, ‘Mohawk hair style’, and ‘Lee Oi-su hair style’ ‘Wet hair’ ‘Short covered hair’ ‘Wolf cut’? Is this still in trend?

Kwon Jungyeol wanted to make his hair long. “Long hair? I’d like to do it someday. Like Ryoo Seung-bum.”

“’Astro Boy’s hair’? ‘Permanent’? Well, I don’t do it often, right”

Kwon Jungyeol told about his experience bleaching his hair. “’Bleaching’, yes I’d like to do it. I did it 2 or 3 years ago. But it went wrong.”

Kwon Jungyeol eventually told about hairstyle he wanted to do in the future. “Well. Then let’s change the topic. The hair style I’d like to try? Bleaching. Or putting some highlights. Do you know what highlight is?. It was popular in the 90’s”

Listened to Hobbies Recommendation from Fans

Kwon Jungyeol does not know what to do in his spare time. He wants to hear fans opinion about the hobbies he should try.

Kwon Jungyeol likes to take hot-water showering in summer. He drinks a lot of ice coffee in winter. He does not read books often.

Kwon Jungyeol does not want to try some active or tiring activities. He also does not want to try something difficult. The fans suggested Rock climbing, being a barista, swimming, doing pilates and holding a concert. But, Kwon Jungyeol rejected all of them.

Kwon Jungyeol does want to try all of things that in trend. He does not want to try using slime, because he doubted it is still trending. Kwon Jungyeol wanted to try the escape room.

Fans also suggested the hobbies that are handy activities. These are calligraphy and coloring book. “My handwriting is bad. I’d like to have good handwriting”

“’Watching musical’ ‘Sewing cross-stitch’ A person said, ‘Come to my house and kill mosquitoes’ I’m not good at it, either. I’m easily bitten, but I’m not good at catching them.”

“Well. Let’s say. I don’t like any of your ideas. Sorry about that.”

Impromptu Performance: Request from Fans

Kwon Jungyeol said, “Tell me which song you’d like to listen to now. I’ll try to sing briefly. I have my guitar here” “Oh? Many people requested ‘Island’. Do you hear the sound of the guitar? Oh, how fool I was. Sorry, hold on It was ‘Island’”

“What else? ‘What’s Wrong With My Age’ I can’t remember the melody, sorry.”

Many people requested, ‘Fever’. Because it’s summer Before my song, ‘Do You Think Of Me’, ‘Fever’ was the only summer song of 10cm.

“Because many people requested ‘Mattress’, I’ll try. It was poor ‘Mattress’. Well, I think I should stop here I’ll sing all those songs at my concert. Please request later.”

10cm’s Preparation for 1theK Live

Kwon Jungyeol was asked by his fans about his preparation to do the live segment. When asked about dinner, he said, “I think I had noodles. I really enjoyed it.”

The fans also asked about how many coffee that he had. “I’ve had two”

Kwon Jungyeol also asked about his outfit for the performance “I’m wearing a gray color T-shirt.”

The fans also asked about ambience around the recording place. “It’s very friendly.”

Kwon Jungyeol: More Info

Shoe Size270 mm
Blood TypeO


Kwon Jungyeol expressed his gratitude toward fans excitement “I’ve released a single all of a sudden. It was quite interesting to prepare it. There were inside jokes that only me and my team can enjoy. I appreciate your reaction to it. It was very cute and interesting”

“Thank you for listening and supporting our songs. I’m really grateful for that. Thank you for being with me in this late night. If you love my songs, keep listening to them. I got to know more about mosquitoes thanks to you. Now I know what to do about it.”

“Thank you so much for your support and interest about my songs.”

“Well, then. The first official live, 10cm’s new single, ‘Do You Think Of Me?’ will play as the last song for the show. Everyone, Stay healthy and have a good night! Bye, thank you”


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