Perhaps Love OST | New version by Kim Minseok of Melomance

Sarang in gayo ~ I think everyone knows the legendary hook. Perhaps Love OST is one of the most iconic song in South Korea since a decade ago. Now we got a new version by Kim minseok of Melomance !

Perhaps Love OST

Perhaps Love first known to the public thanks to the legendary hit drama ‘Princess Hours’/’Goong‘ that air in 2006. Since then the song become a legendary song that everyone knows & loves. Now in 2019, we gonna hear the new version of Perhaps love by Kim Minseok of Melomance.


Kim Minseok of Melomance Perhaps Love OST for 사물사답 OST

The Music video is also a preview of the Web drama that Kim Minseok stars, wait actor ?? Yup ! Kim Minseok of melomance is not only a talented singer-songwriter but also a talented actor. You can watch the drama on Stone Music youtube channel , the webdrama is actually just a short drama, with 5 – 12 mins each episode instead of full hour so its easy to catch up !




I already write about the original version in the beggining, but there’s actually one more popular version of ‘Perhaps Love’. It’s by Cheeze & eric nam !! Check out this version

Cheeze & Eric Nam ‘perhaps Love’

Original version of Howl & J perhaps Love


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