Fanxy Child Y Single | What The Song and MV Could Possibly Mean

It’s really hard for all Fanxy Child members to gather even for a casual hang out within themselves due to their own busy schedules, but this time they had a two-days concert and also a single out. Fanxy Child Y

Fanxy child Y

Fanxy Child had their first own concert in Seoul last weekend, and it was held in two days in a row. When a musician put out more than one day for their own solo concert, it’s really a milestone worth to celebrate since it means that you have made it in the music industry. To top it off, I heard that all the tickets were sold out.


Fanxy Child Y Single Artwork

fanxy child y

It feels really personal to some of the members of the crew lyrics-wise, and some of the lyrics hit closer to home. Zico’s lines serve as chorus as well the hook of the song. He had been through a lot these past few years and his lyrics depict them well. He suggests to just “write down triangles in every question so you can get away from severe damages” and sings on how “hate is our daily routine, it’s always on our side” but he also tells you that “we don’t care”.

Dean reminisces the old days when he had to worry about money and had to wear the same clothes for months, which are based on a true story. Dean started doing music to pay off his parents’ debts, which he got to pay them all off with his hard work. He also mentions on how he wanted to take his parents on a ride in a Porsche, which he actually owns right now.

Fanxy Child Y Cover

Fanxy Child

On the last part of his verse, Dean sings “there’s no Y without you and I”, which I think could possibly mean two things. One, you could be the other Fanxy Child members. There would be no Y song or even the Y concert without them keep sticking together. Two, you could also be the fans. There would also be no Y song or the Y concert without the fans keep supporting them.



For Penomeco, I think he raps about how he feels stuck and frustrated but unable to shake the feeling off. In the end he is like being inside a loop, because the feelings keep on coming back. Meanwhile, Crush also shares his story about the hatred that he feels but decide to just come to terms with it. Because he has his people supporting him on his side.


Fanxy Child Y MV

I really like the concept of the MV, because it feels like there are endless possibilities of what the characters portrayed may have been through: their backstories, their present, and the future storylines. The way how the MV took inspirations from the Fanxy Child members’ own MVs is also intriguing to be discussed.

I think that the story of the MV begins with the scenes of the six children, where Fanxy Child also happen to consist of six people (so I assume that the six children are the Fanxy Child members). They look like they were put together somewhere with constant supervision, both directly from across the room and indirectly through the CCTV. The look on their faces are expressionless.


Fanxy child Y concert behind the stage


It seems like they are told on what to do and what not to do, as well as what to say and what not to say. This is depicted on the scene where a child gets his mouth shut by the other children, when they all stand together in front of a question paper, and when they all look like they are in a classroom sitting and jolting down their answers on a paper. The answers to the questions only have three choices: a circle, a triangle, and a cross.

The child is shown to answer the questions with triangles, so if we look back to Zico’s lines where he sings “write down triangles in every question so you can get away from severe damages”, it may mean that the child was taught to pick triangles to get away. Because in the earlier part of the MV we can also see someone drawing a triangle shape both with their hand and with pencil on paper.

In a split second near the end of the MV we can see that the people who supervise the children leave, and the children can be seen interacting with each other rather enthusiastically. So, I assume the children were finally free and able to live their own lives.



Fanxychild Y concert Teaser

The present storylines could be where we see Zico, Dean, Crush, and Penomeco’s individual scenes. The scenes probably show what their present life looks like. We also see some cars, with a particular car being destroyed and burned. The car being destroyed and burned could be a symbolism that they want to forget or let go of what they experience as children, as we can see there is a footage of an old car racing video game (although shown only briefly).

Meanwhile, the future storyline could be where we see Zico in what looks like a futuristic bodysuit and the scene with the astronaut. In scenes that are set in a honeycomb-like setting formed from Y shapes, it looks like there are multiple presences of Zico in that bodysuit. So well, maybe that implies there are more than six children who share the same fate? Possibly.

Multiple reference of Fanxychild Y to Dean, Crush, Penomeco, and Millic’s own MVs.

References from Dean’s Dayfly MV and Penomeco’s Coco Bottle are the most obvious ones. The constant supervision thing is inspired by the mini robot that constantly watches the moves of Dean, Rad Museum, and their friends on the MV. The old car racing video game as well as the burning and destroying of a car are also inspired from Dayfly. Penomeco slowly turns into a cartoon character is straight out of Coco Bottle MV. The girl on the swimming pool, the scene on the train, and Penomeco’s dog are also from the MV.


References to Crush and Millic’s MVs are really subtle, and my interpretation would be that the inspiration taken from Crush’s None MV would be the minimalistic style of direction on Crush’s airplane scenes. While for Millic, I think the scene transformations where cartoonized Penomeco walking from one set to another were taken from Millic’s Paradise MV.

Homage to Penomeco coco bottle MV

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