Watcher OST | Nafla 1st solo Drama Soundtrack ‘Watchin”

Nafla have been really busy since winning SMTM 777 last year. Appear on TV Programs, perform in events, keep release new music with Loopy & last but not least participate in drama Watcher OST.

Watcher OST

Watcher is a thriller/crime drama by OCN TV Channel that air since 6th of July 2019. Stars Han Sukkyu, Seo Kangjoon, Kim Hyunjoo, Park Joo Hee & many more ! Nafla have actually been interested in participating for Drama OST, now he got his chance with his debut Drama Soundtrack for ‘Watcher’ !


Nafla ‘Watchin’ for Watcher OST

The drama that revolves around the story of intense crime case that involves detective, police officer & lawyer suit Nafla style of rap. We hip hop fans already have a firsthand experience on how Nafla can captivate the crowd and bring it into his own world in SMTM 777, one of the biggest reason he become a winning contender since the first episode of Show Me The money 777.



Even though i said this is the 1st time Nafla fill a drama OST, this is not the first time that he’s participating in Original sound track. Last year, Nafla with Loopy actually participate in PMC The Bunker Movie OST ‘Shoota’.

Nafla & Loopy ‘Shoota’ MV

Make sure to follow Nafla on Instagram : @nasungcityboy . If you want to watch Watcher Drama english subs you can watch it HEREĀ 


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What do you think of Watcher OST By Nafla ?? Dont forget to watch the drama also !