Baskin Robbins Korea CF Song | Superbee & Giriboy !

Baskin Robbins Korea CF featured Superbee & Giriboy !! The two of them collaborate for a track titled Happy BRthday.

Baskin Robbins Korea CF

KHH artists as advertising is not a rare occasion. Simon Dominic, The Quiett, Loco, GRAY, have been participate in multiple advertising, including Giriboy & Superbee who just participate for a song with Baskin Robbins Korea. Both of them is really busy, Giriboy currently become a producer of SMTM 8 while Superbee manage his own survival program ‘Superbee Rap academy’.


Baskin Robbins Korea CF song ‘Super BRthday’ with Superbee & Giriboy

Super BRthday is a track too promote the ice cream brand product (which is birthday cake). I havent actually try it so i cant make a review of the cake but i can make the review of the song that was produced by Giriboy ! Giriboy always make the catchiest type of beat, including the intro that been keep ringing on my head. Superbee use multiple type of flow in the track so its not boring even though Giriboy didnt have that many parts.



This is not the first advertising that Giriboy participate in the advertising for Gwiliboi an oatmeal product. Yup as you can guess, they made an advertising based on Giriboy x Gwiliboi as a pun. Genius

Giriboy Gwiliboi advertising

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What do you think about Superbee & giriboy participation in Baskin Robbins Korea CF ?? Anyway if today is your birthday we wish you have the best birthday ever !