Hangzoo Radio Star 628 | King of Masked Singer SMTM & Trot Song

Hangzoo Radio star appearance is not only to talk about his bad past (SMTM 4). The school rapper mentor also share fun story in the episode ~


Rolex to Remain at Amoeba Culture

Hangzoo Radio Star

Hangzoo made Dynamic Duo gave him a good signing benefit. “It was when I was on SMTM 6. Unexpectedly, I kept advancing to the next rounds smoothly. That was when I had to renew my contract. I have a friend named Hash Swan. Dok2 is the CEO of his label. When he signed my friend Hash , He gives his artists the famous golden watch and the signing bonus together. I could never imagine getting a watch like that, Hangzoo is kinda envious with Hash Swan.


Hangzoo furtherly talked about Ambition Musik. “When I met more hip hop artists from that label, they teased me while talking about it. And it was time for me to renew my contract. I kept giving them the hints. I just uploaded that video about Rolex on my social media and Dynamic Duo notice it, they instead give it to everyone in Amoeba culture


Diss Battle with Ja Mezz

When Hangzoo was in SMTM 6, his fighting experience helped him a bit. “When I had to participate in 1 on 1 rap battle, I went up to my opponent face. I stared him down before I rapped. My opponent could not read me because I have small eyes. I stared him down and he averted his eyes. It was a war of nerves.”



Attracted by Trot Song

Hangzoo wanted to challenge producing trot song. “I have always wanted to produce a trot song. The trot singers have typical melodies that they sing. I am preserving the melody and changing the lyrics fresher. I realized they did not have lyrics that are like modern hip hop. The chorus should be easy for the adults to sing along. I want to talk about flexing and wearing Jordan shoes. So it is a trot song with hip hop words.”


Pippen, Hangzoo Dog

Hangzoo has a friend who he can talk about everything. “I do not drink alcohol. I do not smoke either. Since I always at that my room and I have a pet dog, I keep talking to my dog. It was the only one to talk to. Its name is Pippen (Scottie Pippen is a Chicago Bulls legend). I named it because Jordan would not be the best if it were not for Pippen.

When I was having a hard time, I went home at dawn after I finish my schedule, and I always talked to my dog. And when my eyes got worse, I was not thinking that positively. I thougt since I am not going to be able to see, I should watch Pippen all day. So I was talked with Pippen every day. It started doing the same thing as me.


Yoon Pippen have own Instagram :@Yoonpippen !!

Pippen felt sick like Hangzoo did “I used to bump into doors when I opened them, because I could not see well. I was throwing snacks at Pippen, and it kept. It used to catch well, but it seemed difficult on one side. So I took it to the vet and it got the same diagnosis as me. I realized that my dog responded to my complain about my sickness.”


Hangzoo Fashion Style

Hangzoo fashion style completely changed after he became popular. “At SMTM 4, I got hooked on a fashion style that called American casual style. It was a style of blue-collar workers from the past. I thought no one would dress like I did. I told myself to get a high rank by any means and make that fashion style popular. But when I saw it after I got eliminated, I looked so pitiful.”



Hangzoo Radio star perform“Friday Night” with Choiza.


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