Heize Yong Junhyung Don’t Comeback | Heize First Hit song

Heize showcased her career as CJE&M artist through KCON Japan 2016 for the first time. This is the first collaboration of Heize Yong junhyung.

Heize Yong Junhyung

Heize released her first song as CJENM artist titled “Don’t Comeback” on April 14th, 2016. She performed it for the first time on KCON 2016 Japan. This is one of the most iconic track by Heize. Don’t Comeback also goes high in music charts when it release back in 2016


Heize Dont Comeback first performance in KCON 2016

The intro of the single album titled 니가 아니면 with piano by RealCollabo d.ear. Don’t Comeback arranged by famous producer BrotherSu. Yong Junhyung featured on the track.


Heize and Junhyung Umbro Photoshoot behind the scene

The two artists also talked about they became close in the first place and, as a result, how they came to work together multiple times. Yong Junhyung revealed that he met Heize at a photo shoot and was so impressed by her cool, laid-back personality that he asked for her number first so they could work together in the future.

During the interview, Heize described her excitement to be working with Junhyung for the pictorial. She stated, “It’s an honor. I listen to BEAST songs everyday. On top of that, I even sing them at karaoke. I like that I’m able to see a lot of celebrities after my broadcast appearance.”



“I came back from ‘Laws of the Jungle,’ and became grateful for everything. I’m even grateful for the fact that I have a bit of a body flu right now. It’s something to be grateful for to have time to be sick,” making everyone laugh,” said Junhyung.

Heize shared that, at the time when she was making her song “Don’t Come Back,” she was in need of someone to duet with and could only think of Highlight’s Yong Junhyung, displaying her admiration for the artist. In response, Yong Junhyung confessed, “That was a time when we were still the group BEAST and I was pondering a lot about my future so I was very happy that someone sought me out during that time.”

Recent Performance

Heize appear on Yong Junhyung recent solo concert as special guest. Best friend goals.


Heize Yong Junhyung ‘Wonder If’

Heize reached out to Junhyung for “Don’t Come Back” during the time where they were in talk as to what to do once their contract as Beast would end. Heize paid Junhyung effort by featured on his single Wonder If.


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