CSVC Debut | Summer Love by A New Project Group

A new girlgroup ?? Nope, there’s Four musicians join force to make a new group project this summer. CSVC Debut !

CSVC Debut

On August 6th, a new project group called CSVC released their debut single, “Summer Love”. The single was released under Poclanos. The song was recorded at Ra.D (former RealCollabo leader) studio.  Dalchong said, “Please give us a lot of love”

CSVC debut track ‘Summer Love’

CSVC consists of 4 members. The members are Cheeze Dalchong, Stella Jang, Lovey, and Park Moonchi. The group led by Lovey. Park Moonchi was the member who gave the most contribution on this song, because she participated in writing lyrics, composing, and arranging, while the other members did not participate in arranging the song.

Behind the Scene of CSVC debut track Summer Love

Dalchong is an artist under Magic Strawberry Sound band Cheeze but eventually only she who has held the brand until now. Stella Jang is an artist under grandline entertainment singer. Lovey is BrotherSu younger sister and singer under Grandline Entertainment who debuted as RealCollabo member in 2013. While Park Moonchi is a keyboardist who works for three new singers who were debuted by Magic Strawberry Sound earlier this year.




Here’s the album jacket making film.

The 4 members decided to create the project group because they were born in early 90s and complemented each other well. For now, their goal through this group promotion is creating summer songs while implementing music from those days with their dearest feelings. All of the members expressed their gratitude toward their Instagram posts after they had released their debut single.


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Listen & Purchase to CSVC Debut track ‘Summer Love’ on  Melon, Genie & Bugs


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