Fisherman Well Being | 4th projects of WYBH Producer

Fisherman Well Being EP. As a producer, Fisherman is one of the most active producer in terms of Solo works, yup he even have more songs of himself rather than others !

Fisherman Well being

Fisherman is a part of WYBH Crew that on the rise recently. He’s already make tracks for Fellow WYBH member such as : Giriboy, Cosmic Boy & OLNL. Other artists that Giriboy also produce is Geeks, B-free, Crucial Star, BIll Stax & Ash B. It’s been 5 years since Fisherman officailly produce a track, and he’s still on the rise.


Fisherman Well Being EP tracklist

  • Restore feat Ku One Chan
  • Silk
  • Well Being
  • Microscope feat Giriboy
  • Cell
  • Rift
  • Meantime feat Jiwoo

FIsherman Well Being album

Thanks poclanos for uploading the full album. Did you notice there’s several tracks without featuring ?? Yup ! It’s only audio, which is rare to heard & seen recently. Did you hear something familiar in 3:18 ?? Yup a the intro of Track 4 oddly sounds similar to Giriboy popular track ‘Hogu’. Is this intended ?? This gonna be my question for Fisherman later on.



Talking about ‘Hogu‘, the hit track from 2016 is produced by none other than Fisherman

Make sure to follow Producer Fisherman on Instagram : @omarnentalisrn . He rarely ever update anything there but thats more of the reason to follow him!



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What do you think of Fisherman Well Being EP ?? Does Fisherman music style suit your taste ?? Let us know in the comment section below !