Young Kay Time Lapse | Debut EP from Minkyu

Young Kay Time lapse. Kiff Clan Maknae debut EP !! After have a quite succesful stint on School rapper 3 , Young Kay release a new EP titled Time Lapse.

Young Kay Time Lapse

Young Kay been busy recently, schedule that include radio shows, youtube content, perform in events, featuring, appear in Drama OST and many more . His journey as School rapper 3 contestant maybe cut short because he’s sick but his journey as musician with Agency Mojo People Records seems going well.



Young Kay time Lapse EP Tracklist

  • Highway feat Rohann & The quiett
  • Time Lapse feat WH3N & Tang
  • Drop top feat CMBY & Leellamarz
  • Home work feat WH3N & Lee Youngji
  • Galleria feat CMBY & Leellamarz

Young Kay is still 19 years old (21st of January 2001), this EP gonna be Young Kay way of showing his sincerity, anxiety, and musicality now he’s turn into professional musician and not just a ‘School rapper’ anymore.

Young Kay Highway feat Rohann & The Quiett prod by Boytoy

Beside featurings from Kiff Clan hyung Rohann & School rapper 3 mentor The Quiett, Highway is also produced by Boytoy!! Producer Boytoy already produce tracks for GOT7 (including member solo tracks), 101, U-Kiss, Nine Muses & many more.



There’s another track from Young kay Time Lapse EP that were made into Special Clip which really hits home. It starts with a cameo from Kiff Clan crew, perform together with his hyung, moving to the next stage of his career, perform together with School rapper 3 contestant & ends with making tracks for his debut EP. Minkyu have gone a long way in just a short time.

Young kay ‘Home Work’ feat WH3N & Lee Youngji

Bonus : Young Kay perform ‘Here’ with Vinxen

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