Hangzoo King of Mask Singer | 1st hip hop artist reach 3rd round

Hangzoo King of Mask Singer . SMTM 6 Winner Hangzoo flex his vocal cords recently. Hangzoo goes far also, reach round that hip hop artist never been before.

Hangzoo King of masked Singer

Hangzoo King of Mask singer Ep 209 & 210. Surprise ! SMTM 6 winner Hangzoo come to King of masked singer to flex his vocal cords. We all know that the rhythm power member can rap but can he sing ?? Yup ! Let’s check Hangzoo King of Mask Singer recap and enjoy Hangzoo the vocalist singing to different type of songs.


Hangzoo ‘Ah Choo’ (original Lovelyz)

Okay more surprised ! We know Hangzoo can sing but we didnt expect that Hangzoo gonna cover a girl group song. In the 1st round of this series of King Of mask Singer, Hangzoo cover ‘Ah Choo’ (original by Lovelyz). TMI : Hangzoo is a girl group fan, he once show in another tv program (Hyena on the Keyboard with GRAY) that he’s often listen to Girl group songs when he works.

Hangzoo TWICE fanboy

Hangzoo cover 180 degreesĀ (Original BEN)

This is probably the best performance of Hangzoo. There’s havent been any hip hop artist that goes pass this round in the past (Probabaly only Sanchez but he’s originally a R&B Singer). Hangzoo do his take of a iconic song by Ben ‘180 Degrees’. What do you think of the School Rapper 3 mentor voice ?



Hangzoo last performance were also great, he didnt go to the finals lost to eventual finalist Doyoung of NCT who also did a great performance with his cover of Crush iconic song ‘Beautiful‘.

Hangzoo cover ‘Please Come Back Again‘ (Original Vibe)

This is actually not the first time that Hangzoo show his singing prowess. On a special episode of Weekly Idol with Amoeba Culture as a guest, Hangzoo show his singing skill by covering ‘Drinking’ (original Vibe)

Hangzoo & geegooin ‘Drinking’ on Weekly Idol

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