Boycold Profile | Get to Know The SMTM 8 Producer

Boycold story just starting. It’s his 6 years as a professional producer, yet Boycold still have a lot dreams & goals in the future, Let’s check out more about Boycold Profile


Producing Album for Other Artists

Boycold is still have his own color when he works on other artists’ albums. He prefer meeting with artists prior to working together, so he could get a sense of how things would be like. For example, when he was working with Sik-K, he could figure out how he should do his part according to Sik-K’s colors and performances.

Boycold wants his works have certain uniqueness and sound different from other works according to the artists he collaborate with. Boycold have many artist that he have been collaborated with, that of course added more to Boycold Profile as a producer.


People Who Introduced Hip Hop to Boycold . Affected by Korean & Western hip hop

Boycold profile article wont even be made if he didnt start become a hip hop producer, how does it all started ? For Korean hip-hop he commented, the first time he heard Korean hip-hop was when he was in Soul Company and Jiggy Felaz. He loved The Quiett. The one recording that gave him a musical identity was Tablo [Tropical Flowers Drive].

For western hip-hop, he commented, he started his career with Soul Company, but he started listening to Drake, then there are quite a few lyrical pieces of Eminem music around the same time. Recordings that gave him a musical identity were J. Cole [2014 Forest Hills Drive], and [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy] by Kanye West.”




One of the most important foorsteps in Boycold profile, having his own Boycold Album Series. Sik-K suggested to work with Boycold first and borrowed Boycold name to be his EP title because Boycold produce all of the songs on it. It made Boycold had his EP under his name undirectly so it felt rewarding. Then, Boycold met Vinxen after HSR 2.


Boycold thought he would make [BOYCOLD] a series (through a sequel) after he met Vinxen and talked to Vinxen. He is going to take the [BOYCOLD] series like a collaboration between him and an artist every year. He thinks it’ll be fun while he is active. He think he will be able to tell the hip hop listeners his name on his next project.

Boycold & Vinxen




Potential Artist for BOYCOLD 3

Boycold chose Sokodomo and Paul Blanco as some potential artists to work on BOYCOLD 3. Boycold really likes Sokodomo. Boycold also put him in POST YOUTH album. He knew this guy before High School Rapper 3. He wanted to work with him no matter what the content of the broadcast was. Also, Paul Blanco was the best artist Boycold has heard recently. He loves Paul Blanco music so much that he has been listening to it a lot lately.

Boycold said his BOYCOLD 3 can be expected to release within this year. It is because he has done working on POST YOUTH. He admitted that he is making things right away, He’s looking for the artist that suit the story, It’s just like Yoon Jongshin sunbae did with Monhly Yoon Jongshin, always new story for Each ‘boycold’ series



Commercial Work Opportunity: ELLE Korea

Because of the relatively flexible style, there must have been a lot of offers besides hip-hop scenes. One of the most unusual things about collaboration was with ELLE KOREA. “Sometimes I get bored while I’m working. So I think it’ll be fun if I get a job offer when I want to try something new. So I just try it. We’re going to have a collaboration with the One Million Dance Studio. I think I had a lot of fun doing that way.”

The results of our collaboration with Elle were definitely a little different from his usual color. “When I make my own music, I have to follow my taste. It’s natural for me to come out in my own colors. On the other hand, I think I need to fit the mold in my collaboration with Elle Korea. I think I tend to look different from my music.. It’s the producer’s ability to fit the client, and if you don’t, you can’t grow up.”


Boycold Produce Music, Use the right instrument

Boycold asked about whether he plays real instruments well or not. He also asked about whether his experience on high school band had an impact for him or not. “I am not good at playing musical instruments, but I think it has an impact. I care about the texture of the instrument because I’m thinking about making an album that I would like to listen to for a long time.”

Boycold often use variety of instruments. “I do not use only guitar. I also change my instrument a lot in the arrangement. I tried to use the guitar only as a licorice, but I didn’t have many instruments, so I had to leave the guitar behind. I don’t think I’m going to focus on the guitar. I put it in if it looks good on me right.”

Boycold eager to try something new while making new beat. “I can do it all, but I am sad that I do not have a chance. These days, YBN members are obsessed with it. I want to try it like YBN, but I’m sad (in Korea) that I can’t see artists with this kind of character and musical talent.”

Boycold Music Development

Boycold discussed about minimal sound in a song. “In the past, I used to use a lot of sauce or musical instruments because I wanted to show something with music. I don’t think it’s all I need these days, so I think I just skip it a lot. I also think that I’m good at making music out of instruments. While listening to PH-1’s album, I felt that Mokyo is a producer who makes songs very minimal.”

When I asked you about the way you work, you said the order is mixed, and you seem to be taking a different approach every time you make up the overall sound. “I don’t like doing what I did repeatedly the same. I think it’s just one more time use. If you keep on doing that, I think the Respect is falling a lot. There are producers and rappers who want to look the same after a long time. That’s when the word “pull” comes to mind. But what’s difficult is that the public thinks it’s the same thing as before, but if it’s not new, it’s a disaster. Don’t lose your color, but keep the place where you’re doing something new”

How Long Does It Take to Make Music for Boycold?

Boycold takes variety amount of time that needed to complete different songs. “Actually, it’s different for each song. When I’m working fast, it takes less than an hour. But if I take a long time, I could think over something that I made two years ago again and again. It can be hard to come up with a whole new concept at the beginning, but once I get started, it doesn’t take that long -- no more than a day or two.”


Progress After 6 Years.

It has been almost five or six years since Boycold came to Seoul at the age of 19. “There are always complaints, so I think I’m working harder. In fact, the pattern of life at that time and now has not changed at all. I have more money, but I still work and do my best.” Boycold profile just starting, even after 6 years.

“Rappers may get a lot of inspiration while playing outside, but I don’t do that because of my professional nature as a producer. I was talking to groovyroom in the studio, eating something delicious, and working on it. I think I’ll continue to live like this.”


Boycold Profile Not Ends, His Dreams

Boycold is a producer who wants to try different kinds of music based on hip-hop. Everything I have dreamed of, my own studio and working with various artists, have all come true. I have never thought myself as a producer who delivers emotion. I want to be a producer who brings joy to people’s ears.”

“First of all, my goal is towards the world. I never think I’m behind foreign producers. I want to go abroad, and this album is the first step. Ultimately, my last goal is to create a team that can make inroads into foreign countries. I’m still heading toward that goal. I thought I needed influence to achieve my goal, so I wanted to create some of that power through my album or my product.”

“And then people with the same vision will get together, and I have the desire to build a global team with them. For example, a team such as Tyler, Od Future of The Creator, or Brockhampton. My current goal is to make such an alternative group bigger in the world. That’s why I’m with Sony Music Korea. I think it’s a company that can achieve that vision. And if you think about it the other way around, that’s why it didn’t fit into the other label.”

“Now I have to be an influential frontman producer. I don’t think a single producer can last long. The other famous producers are all on the label. And the people on the label are already doing well. I want to make a New Wave. To do that, my album will do well, and I need to be more energetic. And then there’ll be people who want to do it with me. I think it’s a well-probable fight. POST YOUTH album is the beginning of the final picture.



Boycold Journey is not over, it’s just starting, We gonna add more to Boycold profile as he keeps going as SMTM 8 producer and the future.